hair roller

One of the devices for creating lush high evening hairstyles is a hair roller, which adds volume to the hairstyle, while remaining invisible. This accessory has become popular not so long ago, although the hairstyles that can be done with it came into fashion back in the seventies. If earlier, to create the classic “babette”, popularized by Brigitte Bardot in the sensational film “Babette Goes to War”, girls had to turn on their imagination by sewing socks, stuffing nets with their own cut hair or pieces of foam rubber, today everything is decided just by purchasing a special roller.

Types of hair rollers

A variety of hairstyles that are performed with a hair roller are relevant in both evening and everyday fashion. The return to the catwalks of retro style dictates its own rules, but today hairstyles are not limited to buns, shells and other pretzels. Thanks to these accessories, you can create real masterpieces, and for this you need to choose a round hair roller of the appropriate size and shape.

Most often, hairstyles are performed with a round hair roller. This type of accessory is called a bagel, donut or donut. It is ideal for creating styling on hair of any length. A bundle of hair with the help of such a roller can be done on the crown or on the back of the head. The longer the hair, the larger the diameter of the accessory should be. A bun of hair with a roller is an ideal styling option for every day. The second type is oval rollers. They are used less often, as such accessories allow you to create styling in a retro style, which is more in line with evening fashion. The third type of accessories is long rollers that resemble a stick with a round section. Obviously, the length of the accessory must be masked under the hair, so the hair must be long. Hairstyles with a roller for long hair are not limited to a bun. This versatile option allows you to experiment with shells on any part of the head, a twist or a simple curling of the ends of the hair like a Greek-style hairstyle. If you want to simplify the process of creating a beam, you should purchase a roller, at both ends of which there are magnets. By connecting them, you get a classic round roller with a large diameter. The hair roller is not the only type of accessory. To create a bouffant effect on the occipital area, pads are used, thanks to which you can create additional volume and not expose your hair to this harmful procedure.

Whichever type you choose, a roller is a soft, porous sponge of the appropriate shape or an accessory of a similar shape, made of interwoven fine fibers. As for colors, you can often see rollers in black, brown or beige on sale. This is because the accessory should not be visible under the hair.

Hairstyles with hair rollers

Any type of roller, except for pads, involves the same hair styling procedure. First of all, they are collected in the tail. If the length of the hair does not allow this, then the use of the accessory is excluded. After that, the roller is put on the collected hair and scrolled to the elastic, straightening the tucked strands. The original hairstyle for medium and long hair looks very impressive if not all the strands are wound onto the roller, but most of them. The remaining strands can be pinned up, formed into a bow or wave.