Hair bands Invisibobble

In the arsenal of all girls with medium or long hair, there are many devices that allow you to collect hair in a ponytail, bun or braid. And the primacy among popular hair accessories is occupied by a variety of elastic bands. They are, of course, convenient to use, but they can also cause trouble. For example, torn hairs that remain on the elastic when it is removed. Or discomfort from the fact that the skin on the head is tightened, up to a headache. If such “symptoms” are familiar to you, it’s time to find an alternative to conventional hair ties. The novelty, developed by the Chinese company Invisibobble, is exactly what you need! The original Invisibobble hair ties will help you get rid of the problems listed above.

Benefits of Invisibobble

Invisibobble hair ties, reminiscent of springs or ordinary spiral telephone wire, are made in China. The original products are sold in a transparent plastic box, and the set includes three elastic bands of the same color.

Invisibobble silicone hair tie offers a number of benefits. Perhaps the most important thing for girls is that with its help you can very quickly and effortlessly create a stylish everyday hairstyle. Even the most ordinary tail is transformed when using this accessory! Secondly, this elastic band can be used to create hairstyles on any type of hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight or curly, thick or thin, the Invisibobble elastic band will be relevant even for young fashionistas. And all because, unlike ordinary elastic bands, it does not harm the hair. The accessory is made of elastic silicone, it has no joints, sharp details, so there are no creases on the hair after many hours of wear. Thanks to the unique design, all strands experience the same pressure. And this means that not a single hair will be pulled out from your head due to the fault of the Invisibobble! Wearing a regular rubber band for a long time can cause a headache, but this will not happen with the Invisibobble. In addition, when you remove the accessory, you will not see a characteristic trace that does not allow you to wear your hair loose. It would not be superfluous to mention the hypoallergenic properties of Invisibobble. The material used in the production will not cause an allergic reaction or neurodermatitis.

A smooth surface that does not absorb water is the best option from a hygiene point of view. Now there is no need to take a spare elastic band with you to the beach or to the pool so as not to fix your wet hair. The Invisibobble hair band turns into a bracelet when you put it on your arm while you take a shower, for example. Drops from it will drain, and if there is no moisture, then there is nowhere for bacteria to multiply!

Style by Invisibobble

Invisibobble elastic bands are available in a wide range of colors. Currently, girls have access to models presented in permanent and special collections. In addition, you can become the owner of original accessories from the Wild Whisper and Spring collections.

Despite the fact that the Invisibobble hair tie has a simple design, not everyone understands how to use it. And there are plenty of options! The simplest Invisibobble hairstyles are ponytails. The advantage of this accessory lies in the original separation of the strands at the base of the tail.

Invisibobble hair bands allow you to make hair in the Greek style, a wide variety of buns, add volume at the back of the head. Even an ordinary braid fixed at the end with such an accessory looks more original!

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