Green bag

The main task of the bag, in addition to practicality, is its decorative function. The bag can be both a secondary item and the main detail in the image and, like shoes, is a kind of “face” of the hostess. Handbags have been a cult object since the 1950s, and little has changed since then. Green bags allow you to beat virtually any stylistic ensemble. The main thing is to choose a shade that best matches the latest fashion trends. A classic is a dark green bag, which is combined with a bang with dark shoes in black, gray or brown.

It is important to select this accessory according to the event. Green bags can take the following forms:

  • a green leather bag is an excellent option for everyday use, it is practical and convenient;
  • women’s green clutch bag — can play the role of both an everyday accessory and an addition to an evening outfit;
  • women’s briefcase bag — adds a touch of completeness to the office and business style;
  • tablet bag — in harmony with the youth or sports style;
  • tote bag, as well as a hobo bag — voluminous and roomy, also relevant for everyday use;
  • Jelly bag is an option for visiting the beaches.

What goes with the green bag?

Modern designers do not impose excessive demands on the combination of things, and therefore the bag can be combined in color not only with accessories, but also with wardrobe items, for example, with trousers or a dress. The main thing is to choose the right shape of the bag for the outfit. For a casual style, a dark green hobo bag is quite suitable, but for an evening or cocktail look, you should opt for clutch bags.

A green suede bag is a very independent accessory. In the current mint-turquoise shades, it will add a touch of freshness to the summer outfit. In turn, the grassy shade is perfectly combined with brown autumn boots. In the absence of such, you can combine a neckerchief of the same color or a current snood scarf with a bag.