gold watch seagull

For several years now, Anlina has been producing high-quality watches that will not allow any fashionista to be unpunctual. Not only do they always show the exact time, the world famous Chaika gold watch is created here. It would not be superfluous to mention that the company also sells accessories not only from gold, but also from silver, palladium and even platinum. It is not surprising now why “The Seagull” is known to many.

The jewelry factory of the same name creates dials and hands, from which you can be sure of the quality of this beauty created by a domestic manufacturer.

Collections of women’s gold watches “The Seagull”

Not so long ago, the world saw several collections of magnificent accessories that flawlessly emphasize the femininity and sophistication of the image of any woman.

So, “Zlata” – quartz accessories, made both in classic colors (brown, black, white strap), and in luxurious gold. It should be noted that the strap is made of natural material. This is a clear proof of why the women’s wristwatch “The Seagull” with an elegant gold bracelet has not lost its amazing original appearance over the years.

“Tenderness” is a product decorated with cubic zirkonia, the dial of which is made of yellow gold. With such beauty, you not only want not to be late, but also wear it without taking it off. In addition, each model is so versatile that it will be a great addition to any outfit: whether it’s an office suit or a sexy evening dress.

“Victoria” – a mechanical gold watch “Seagull” with diamond appliqué, worthy of the queen herself. It is important to mention the fact that the mechanism of the famous Swiss watch is used to create this accessory.