fur muff

With the arrival of winter frosts, it’s time to think about an arsenal of warm clothes. In addition to the usual elements of the upper and lower wardrobe, it is also worth thinking about warm accessories that play an important role in the whole image. One of the most popular warm additions in the new season is the fur hand muff. This stylish accessory will not only keep your hands warm and protect your skin from chapping, but will also add a unique and stylish touch to your look. Today, design ideas allow you to choose a women’s clutch, which will not only be a fashionable addition to your wardrobe, but also a convenient accessory.

Stylish accessory

Of course, natural fur muffs are considered the most stylish. The most popular types of fur for such an accessory are fox, raccoon and sable. It will not be difficult for lovers of fur products to choose a stylish wardrobe for a fashion accessory. However, choosing a faux fur muff, your look can be no less stylish if the combination of clothing and accessories is literate.

The most comfortable models are fur muffs-bags. This choice will not only warm your hands, but also replace your handbag, which greatly facilitates your wardrobe in the winter. In addition, this accessory is comfortable to wear. If you need to free your hands, then you do not have to puzzle over where to put the clutch.

When choosing a fur muff for an evening look or wardrobe at the entrance, stylists recommend giving preference to models without belts. The best option would be a coupling made of one material. It is best that the fur of the clutch is plain. If your accessory is made of faux fur, then the color should be as close to natural as possible. And the most win-win option would be a fur clutch complete with some other product in the image.

In addition, the designers introduced combined women’s clutches. The most popular models that combine fur with leather. However, fur-fabric combinations look very beautiful, especially in addition to rhinestones, sequins, beads or pearls.