fur hats

Headwear is an extremely important attribute of the winter wardrobe! It will not only allow you not to freeze, protect your hair from the adverse effects of frost, moisture, but also help in creating a unique image.

Women’s fur hats — current style

Designers this season «pleased» both lovers of classics and casual style:

  1. Beret — in translation meaning «flat hat», was originally a thing worn by peasants, but today this type of headdress simply personifies femininity, sophistication and sophistication. Such a mink fur headdress, for example, will be perfectly combined with a similar fur coat.
  2. The headdress made of natural fur, made in the form of a hat, will amaze with its elegance. You can give preference to both a wide-brimmed hat and a cloche, the main thing is to correctly combine them with outerwear. In this case, a high-quality double-breasted coat will be more than appropriate.
  3. A winter baseball cap will appeal to those girls who prefer a sporty style. This faux fur headdress will look stylish, presentable and sexy.
  4. Kepi ​​in the English style will add mystery to you, help to tell others that you know firsthand about good manners and fine taste.
  5. A hood is the option that will satisfy girls who are cold in a hood, uncomfortable in a snood and hot in a hat. This accessory not only perfectly warms, but also saves the hair.

What material to choose?

Exclusive fur hats are undoubtedly a great purchase. They can have a bizarre shape, combine several types of fur, and be interestingly colored. Fur is always out of competition, therefore, when purchasing such a thing, be sure that it will be appreciated. By the way, both full-fur and combined products are welcome — both of them are very well suited, and most importantly, they meet the requirements of our winter.

Knitted hats look no less impressive, for example, if you are wearing a hat with earflaps, then feel free to choose a product with symbols of folklore and enjoy not only knowledge of fashion trends, but also love for your homeland. If this is not your style, then you can pay attention to elongated, elongated models, hats “out of size”. The most popular detail is still the pompom — fur or textile, it gives the image of mischief, coquetry and ease.