fur bonnet

Fur hood is the trend of this winter season. This accessory has long been represented in the fashion world. But in the last few years, fashionistas have increasingly paid attention to stylish headwear. This season, women’s fur hoods made a splash. Now a stylish look for fashionistas is first of all complemented by a fashionable fur product. Today you can choose for yourself both an expensive hood made of natural fur, and a budget option made of high-quality faux fur. At the same time, the designers tried to make the faux fur look as close to the real one as possible. Therefore, even in an inexpensive headdress, you will look great.

Fashionable styles of fur hood

One of the most popular today is considered a hood with a fur edge. Even the most modest fashionista can afford this option. Most often, such a headdress looks like a scarf made of silk or a denser natural material, edged with fur. Such models are rarely found, complemented by faux fur. This is due to the fact that the fur addition here is very small, so the price of such a headdress is not high.

Fur hoods and hoods with long “ears” are considered the most practical. In this case, the headpiece is made entirely of fur with a dense lining and has two long fur trains that can be worn as a scarf or simply hanging down. Both options look very stylish. Often designers offer similar models with fur fringe. This addition perfectly emphasizes femininity and elegance. In addition, women’s fur hoods with “ears” allow you not to use a scarf, which is very convenient in the winter season. After all, as a rule, there are already plenty of clothes this season, so the cancellation of any element will be a pleasant bonus to a stylish look.

But the most popular today has become a fur hood in the form of a hat. Such models are usually put on over the head or have a small shirt-front with a clasp. Today it is very fashionable to wear a fur hood made of mink, fox, sable and other expensive furs. Such models are very warm and comfortable. They can be combined with stylish sheepskin coats or winter coats. If you plan to wear such a hood with a fur coat, then stylists advise not to combine faux and natural fur in one ensemble. At the same time, the fur of a fur coat and a hood can be different both in color and in pile.