fur boa

Natural fur or its high-quality imitation is always a luxury and chic. It sets a special mood, envelops its owner with genuine charm. It is difficult to imagine a brighter accessory than a fur boa. It can only be compared with jewelry. Among the advantages of the thing is the fact that during the day it warms much better than its woolen counterparts, but for the evening it is difficult to imagine a more suitable option.

History of the thing

Boa is a scarf made of fur. It can be wide or narrow, long or short. Its name means “snake” in French. It became fashionable at the beginning of the 19th century, interest in it either escalated or faded. Previously, only rich ladies could afford to wear this thing, but now this is no longer the case. Now boas regularly shine on the catwalks, inspiring designers around the world, and urban fashionistas wear them with pleasure in everyday life, replacing the usual scarves.

Fashion trends

  1. A boa doesn’t have to be real fur. Technologies of the 21st century make it possible to process artificial fibers at the highest level. In addition, many stars deliberately refuse products made from animal skins due to their ethical considerations. Therefore, even in a faux fur boa, you will look no worse than the girls on the covers of magazines.
  2. Choose textured items: let your chic decoration, like a black or white boa, be made of different furs. The combination of short and long, straight and curly pile looks original and impressive. The trend is voluminous and long boas.
  3. Now boas of any color, except for natural ones, are relevant. Bright shades work wonders: you are sure to be the center of attention, both on the street, wearing such an accessory with a coat, and at a party, combining a boa with an elegant dress.