fur berets

The history of the appearance of the beret as a headdress originates in the distant past. Initially, the accessory was worn by hunters, then the military. In the era of romanticism, a small hat was especially popular among artists, artists and poets.

Sewed berets from various materials: velvet, wool, velor. Styles and colors have changed, but the fashionable and stylish headdress has not lost its former relevance to this day. The beret still has a place of honor in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista, and fur products are in special demand even among mature and wealthy women.

Variety of fur berets

The thing is luxurious and elegant – it takes from natural fur. There are countless models of winter fur berets, and the main difference is, of course, the fur itself from which they are made. Arctic fox, fox, wolf – are somewhat less common, as they are not suitable for everyone. And products made from fur of short-haired animals, such as rabbit, chinchilla, muton, astrakhan, occupy the main niche, as they are considered universal. Noteworthy are models that combine different colors and textures of fur, as well as products with original decor.

Women’s mink fur berets are especially held in high esteem by modern fashionistas. Depending on the color and style, they can be combined with both a fur coat and a down jacket, both for chubby beauties and girls with an oval face shape. When choosing a mink fur beret, some points should be considered:

  1. In combination with a fur coat, it is better to choose a headdress a couple of tones lighter or darker, you can even make the image bright at all, due to the contrasting combination of a beret and outerwear.
  2. With a coat or down jacket, a mink fur beret, matched to match the collar or trim, looks more beautiful.
  3. Women with an oval face shape prefer graceful classic models.
  4. Voluminous mink fur berets with original decor will suit young ladies with sophisticated facial features.

Artificial products look no less exquisite. For example, a great alternative to a fur hat is a knitted fur beret. This is a very democratic trend that can become the embodiment of the most original design ideas, and it costs an order of magnitude cheaper than its natural counterparts. In addition, each girl can knit such a headdress on her own. To do this, you need to choose your favorite style and fur yarn.