french tie

The French tie came into fashion not so long ago. This accessory attracted the attention of fashionistas with its originality and bright style. This type of tie is a scarf made of silk, satin and any other light fabric, which finally dispels the whole idea of ​​a tie as an element of men’s style. With a familiar accessory, a French scarf tie is tied in an unusual way of tying. However, in general, a French-style tie does not look absolutely classic. Such an accessory is mainly represented by an interesting bow or a beautiful lush butterfly, for which it received its second name – a lush tie.

How to tie a french tie

There are many ways to tie a French tie. Of these, there are more complex ones, but there are also lighter ones, which makes it possible to wear a stylish beautiful accessory even for beginners. The easiest option for tying a French tie is the following:

  1. Take your stylish scarf and wrap it tightly around your neck so that the ends are brought out to your shoulders.
  2. Then tie one single knot.
  3. Drag one end a little lower, and smooth the other nicely on top of the first. This method allows you to tie a French tie as close as possible to a standard accessory.

french tie7

If you are interested in how to tie a French scarf tie in a simple and original way, then do this:

  1. Wrap the scarf around your neck twice and bring the ends forward.
  2. Tie a single knot first and straighten the ends to the sides.
  3. Then tie another single knot so that the lower end lies on the chest, and spread the second end beautifully on the shoulder. So you elegantly focus on the neck and demonstrate an unusual feminine look.

french tie8

And if you have a bright French scarf with an interesting color scheme, then complement it with a strict business look by tying a regular bow.