francesco marconi bags

Bags by Francesco Marconi from the trademark of the same name are rightly considered a model of Italian quality, fashionable traditions and modern trends. Major Milan exhibitions do not take place without the participation of this brand, whose history, like many famous couturiers and fashion designers in Italy, began with the creation of a family business, which, however, did not promise great success.

Style and quality of Italian handbags by Francesco Marconi

It is now the Italian bags of Francesco Marconi that are known and popular all over the world. It all started much more prosaically. Three brothers named Tonelli, who worked in a small workshop, came up with the idea of ​​​​creating a family factory. Labor and talent helped them to create accessories that quickly became popular first in Italy, then in America and Europe, Asia, and then in Russia. By the way, the brothers (one of whom was named Francesco) even had a chance to visit Moscow and, inspired by the Russian flavor, they paid special attention to the buyers of their products from Russia.

Bags from Italy by Francesco Marconi for many fashion experts are nothing more than the epitome of the best quality, coupled with the originality of design. Moreover, the age of fans of this Italian brand is the most diverse – from young ladies to adult ladies. Traditional respectability and modern ideas help designers surprise the fashion industry with new models from collection to collection.

If we talk about the features of women’s bags by Francesco Marconi, then they all mainly come down to the following points:

  • a wide palette of colors;
  • unusual fittings peculiar only to Marconi;
  • special dressing of the skin;
  • acceptable prices.

How to choose a genuine Francesco Marconi leather bag?

Unfortunately, today the fashion world suffers from fakes and copies that are trying to pass off as the original. Therefore, it is only natural that a fashionista who decides to adorn her own collection with such luxury as a Francesco Marconi leather bag wants to be completely sure that her purchase is an authentic one, and not a professionally made fake.

Fortunately, there are several secrets, knowing which, the girl will definitely be able to make the right choice:

  1. Both the front and the inside of Francesco Marconi’s leather women’s bag are “marked” with the brand’s signature logo.
  2. The brand name should not contain any typos or substituted letters.
  3. The lining of the bag has a special imprint, which also has the name of the brand.
  4. All accessories, including fasteners and snakes, have a mini image of the Marconi brand logo.

So, knowing the features, history and rules for choosing bags by Francesco Marconi, every fashionista will be able to enjoy her profitable and stylish purchase for more than one season.