folding beach umbrella

As you know, there are umbrellas that protect not only from rain, but also from the sun. Girls striving for a beautiful, healthy tan, for a comfortable stay, do not forget about this useful attribute for the beach.

How to choose a folding umbrella for the beach?

If you like to soak up the sun, but care about your skin, then you just need a folding beach umbrella. Its design will protect you from scorching rays, from rain, wind, in addition, if you wish, you can purchase an umbrella even with a mosquito net.

Folding umbrellas for the beach are inexpensive, every girl can afford it. If you travel by car, then the umbrella will easily fit in the trunk. Those who are used to going on vacation to distant lands can be advised to buy this thing on the spot and leave it there to friends, good neighbors or the owners of the house in which you lived.

If you are going to use the purchase for a long time, pay attention to the following points when choosing a folding beach umbrella:

  1. frame material. The most durable frame is made of steel and coated with titanium. Good wear resistance for fiberglass needles. Such a folding beach parasol will serve you for a long time, it will not have to be caught along the beach in strong winds.
  2. dome material. The fabric must be breathable, which means that natural satin or cotton impregnated with a water-repellent composition is ideal for an umbrella. Polyester copes with the task of air exchange worse, but has its advantages — it is stronger and more aesthetic.
  3. Dome diameter. For one or two people, a minimum diameter of 1.8 m will suffice. If you choose a beach umbrella for a family or company, then you should pay attention to umbrellas with a diameter of 3 m.
  4. Tilt angle a folding beach umbrella is a very useful device. You do not have to drag the entire structure from place to place, with its help you will quickly adjust the location of the dome.

A good beach travel folding umbrella must necessarily have a case in which it is convenient not only to transport it in the car, but which can be hung on the shoulder or taken in hand.

Rules for installing an umbrella

It is important to install the umbrella correctly and securely. To do this, you need to position it at an angle against the wind. It is desirable that the umbrella has a stand — a light, hollow container that is easy to weight with water or sand. If such a stand is not provided, simply plunge the cane deep into the sand with a certain slope.

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