Fingerless wool gloves

Woolen fingerless gloves are a comfortable and fashionable thing that will come in handy for every woman. It is the perfect accessory for both female drivers and those who have to work outside the office during the cold season, doing activities that require finger mobility. The name of fingerless gloves is mittens, from the French mitaines. Short women’s woolen fingerless gloves have long been appreciated by those girls who lead an active lifestyle, and those who are professionally involved in sports where it is necessary to hold a sports equipment with their hands (for example, in cycling).

The history of the mitts

Initially, short fingerless mittens were held in high esteem by representatives of working professions, street vendors and other classes who had to work in the cold. But already at the end of the 18th century, mitts gradually began to be used as a kind of tribute to fashion, a stylish accessory. Ladies began to wear them indoors, and the practical function of women’s fingerless gloves came to naught — they were worn solely in order to confirm their adherence to fashion trends. In the 19th century, the fashion for fingerless long woolen gloves became so firmly rooted that both women and men began to wear them. Today, mittens are predominantly a women’s accessory, the details of which are carefully considered by designers: such gloves decorate and sew them in every possible way from a wide variety of materials, combining textures and playing with colors.

Varieties of women’s fingerless gloves

The choice of mittens today is very rich. Some models only slightly cover the fingers, others almost completely hide the hand, covering not only the palm, but also some part of the forearm. There are three main types of women’s fingerless gloves:

  • standard mitts without fingers;
  • mitts to which the mitten is fastened;
  • mitts-pipes, where there is no compartment for either the fingers or the palm.

Also, the materials from which women’s finger gloves are made also differ. For example, if you choose a model made of alpaca or merino wool, then even despite your open fingers, you will not freeze in it. Fine yarn provides greater mobility of the fingers and looks very neat on the hand. But models made of thick camel hair are necessary only for the coldest weather.

What’s trending today?

So, what kind of mittens do designers recommend to wear for those who really want to be in trend? First of all, it is, of course, a classic of the genre — black fingerless gloves. But until recently, seeing a person in such gloves, there was only one association — about his belonging to the biker movement. However, now they are worn not only by rockers and bikers, but also by stylish young ladies.

The famous designer Karl Lagerfeld made a significant contribution to the popularization of fingerless gloves, because he himself is a big fan of them and often lies in public in such gloves. It was the Chanel fashion house, whose lead designer is Lagerfeld, who recently introduced a new stunning collection of women’s fingerless gloves. They are made of combinations of various materials in the laconic style inherent in Chanel. Appearing in public in such gloves, you will gain a reputation as a true guru of high fashion.

Following Chanel, the trend was picked up by other monsters of the global fashion industry. For example, the fashion house Versace has prepared a wonderful collection, whose diversity is really impressive.

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