felted bags

There are never too many handbags. Even if you have more than one, you will never be able to refuse another purchase, because there can be no extra bag.

Felted wool bags

If you decide to buy a new handbag, clutch, cosmetic bag or are looking for a gift for your close friend, we advise you to pay special attention to bags made of felted wool or knitted and felted bags.

Firstly, handmade jewelry and accessories are increasingly valued in our time; these handbags are sure to attract the admiring glances of others. And secondly, such a choice will appeal not only to you, but also to any representative of the fair sex.

The masters who offer us a huge selection of such products have such a huge imagination that the choice of handbags made of felted wool is simply inexhaustible. A variety of shapes, colors, but most of all, the mass of design options is striking.

You look at another such masterpiece and think that they can’t come up with anything more interesting. And as always, you are mistaken: it turns out that there is still room for fantasizing.

Felted wool bags have their advantages over others. And the most important thing for us, women, is that it is impossible to meet two completely identical handbags that are made by this method. Even if they are similar to each other, each of them will definitely have its own “zest”, which distinguishes them from each other. Another advantage is that these bags are mostly seamless.

If you already have such a handbag among your accessories or you still decide to purchase it, then you should not forget that it needs care, like any other woolen item. You simply have to protect it from moths and ventilate it more often, and even better — walk it at important events.