Fabrizio Poker bags

Italian designers have always been famous for their impeccable taste and high quality workmanship. Perhaps that is why, as soon as a person hears about the European origin of the product, respect and admiration light up in his eyes.

One of the most famous fashion designers in Italy is Fabrizio Poker. It specializes in the production of stylish women’s bags under the Fabrizio Poker logo. His work is distinguished by an innovative approach, which can be seen even in the smallest details of the product. Instead of uncomfortable fasteners, the designer uses magnetic Velcro, and only high-quality genuine leather is used for finishing. Fabrizio Poker bags are a luxury that ladies with aristocratic taste and elegant style of clothing can appreciate.

Italian women’s bags Fabrizio Poker

How are Fabrizio’s works different from the works of other brands? First of all, original tailoring. It uses simple geometric shapes and clear lines, which, combined with high-quality finishes, look very rich. And although the bags of the Italian fashion designer are not distinguished by their versatility and innovative design, it is not for them to be in the “tops” of world fashion.

It is worth highlighting the design of products. Embossed leather with a deep complex pattern is used for finishing. Convex images of flowers and vines look very elegant, and in combination with lacquer elements, the bag becomes even more luxurious. The range also includes models in smooth leather with a bright color pattern.

Fabrizio Poker Italian bags may have one or two compartments depending on the model. Inside there are necessarily pockets for a cell phone, documents and other small items. Some products are decorated with a luxurious brooch or pendant on the back of which the name of the brand is engraved.