Wrist electronic watches are able to instantly transform the female image, adding style and novelty to it. The fashion for this accessory is both conservative and tends to all kinds of changes. Manufacturers of watch beauty never cease to amaze punctual girls, releasing new models every year and supplementing the old ones.

The best electronic wristwatches

  1. Casio. A Japanese brand that is in no way inferior in quality to many European brands. Each of his models includes the most innovative details. A digital accessory on the hand of any fashionista already indicates that she knows what beauty and excellent quality are.
  2. Suunto. Sports style lovers adore this brand for trendy models of wrist electronic watches. A computer on the arm — this is how many people call the creations of the avid traveler Thomas Vohlonen. In addition, a small dial will not only show the exact time, but also help you navigate any terrain. After all, it has a built-in digital compass.
  3. Hamilton. It was this company that in the 70s of the last century demonstrated the world’s first digital watch. In addition, it is this brand that owns the idea of ​​​​creating an LED display. To date, the brand is actively improving its models, releasing more and more new collections of smart accessories.
  4. WEIDE. The Chinese brand is known for fashionable and original wrist electronic watches of impeccable quality. Despite the fact that he appeared only in 2003, today his creations are worn by millions of fashionistas around the world. After all, each of his collections is the embodiment of European trends.
  5. Phosphor. The California-based manufacturer of digital accessories knows how to wow a fussy audience with the latest designs. The most interesting thing is that the display is filled with special electronic ink. Combining them with innovative Micro-Magnetic Mechanical Digital TM (M3D) technology, we get a dial built with crystals.

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