cowboy hat

A stylish cowboy hat is an incredibly colorful accessory that is equally suitable for both men and women who like to be in the center of attention and attract the eyes of others. Surely, while watching a variety of films about the Wild West, you often admired the girls in cowboy hats. They look not only stylish, but also a little bold, and a little flirtatious, very bold and at the same time quite feminine and elegant. Therefore, we can conclude that in general, a women’s cowboy hat is the thing that must be present in the wardrobe of every woman who wants to create really interesting and original images.

What is the name of the cowboy hat?

In general, a cowboy hat is usually called a “cowboy hat” and not everyone knows that it has a different name. Namely, Stetson. The hat got its name in honor of its creator, John Stetson. It was this man who «invented» such a popular now hat with a rounded high crown, which is slightly concave on top, and with wide brim, which are folded up on the sides.

Appearing in the 1860s, this hat has not lost its popularity, on the contrary, over time it has gained more and more of it. The cowboy hat was originally worn by American cowboys and ranchers, as well as country music performers. In principle, even now the stetson is associated precisely with representatives of these, so to speak, professions. But in our time, a cowboy hat is also worn with great pleasure by those who have absolutely nothing to do with American cowboys.

It is worth noting the huge variety of cowboy hats. They are leather, felt or straw. Initially, leather is still considered the classic option, although they are all approximately the same.

What to wear with a cowboy hat?

In fact, the cowboy hat is an amazingly versatile accessory. It can be worn with almost everything. True, a lot depends on the hat itself, since the material from which it is made still sets a certain mood for it.

For example, a straw cowboy hat is a more summery option. It will look great on you with shorts and a tank top or a simple sundress in a boho or hippie style. Leather sandals with flat soles or sneakers are perfect as shoes for this look. By the way, this hat is very convenient to take with you to the sea, as it looks very stylish in combination with a swimsuit, and also protects well from the hot rays of the sun.

Leather cowboy hat is a bold option for bright and expressive girls. It is best to combine such a hat with jeans or shorts, t-shirts or shirts. A sundress or a dress, in principle, is also suitable, only it is desirable to add to the sundress, for example, a leather belt, which will make the image unified. The best choice of shoes is, of course, Cossack boots. Although you can put on sneakers for such an image, which will become a kind of modern-urban analogue of boots.

Undoubtedly, the most versatile option is the fedora cowboy hat. You can choose any clothes for it, changing the mood of the image with the help of some small details and accessories. Are you going for a walk? Pair a plaid shirt and skinny jeans with a black fedora cowboy hat. Want to create a more sophisticated look for some special occasion? Choose a stylish and feminine dress and add a white felt hat to it, which will add some kind of wild romance of the Wild West to the image.

In general, choosing a cowboy-style hat for yourself, be guided by your own taste preferences. The good news is that this hat has already become something of a classic, so even if the models did not wear Stetsons on the designer catwalks, this does not mean that such a stylish and bright hat cannot be included in your fashionable look. So do not be afraid to experiment and feel free to bring dry and fresh breath of the Wild West into your wardrobe, the atmosphere of which will make your images unique role models.