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After the buzz about the British super-brush Tangle Teezer died down in all magazines and blogs, timid exclamations began to appear in reviews and reports that, they say, this brush is far from being as good as we would like. No, it is certainly better than all that were before, but … I would like to hold it by the handle, and the cloves are more authentic. As if in answer to the pleas, the Macadamia Oil brand got a comb in which all the nuances were taken into account. Well, it is competition that creates development in production. Therefore, everyone who loves their hair, it remains to choose from these two the most suitable for themselves. And for home use, it will most likely be No Tungle.

Types of hair combs Macadamia

Before you start singing the praises of the miracle hairbrush, you should pay attention to other Macadamia Natural Oil products. To date, the company has introduced the following 6 brushes:

  1. Massaging comb Macadamia No Tangle Brush. Made of bright plastic, with soft teeth. Their specific arrangement is thought out in order to comb wet and dry hair as easily and without unnecessary losses. Also, the brush is great for massaging the head, which stimulates blood circulation and activates hair growth.
  2. crest macadamia. A special comb impregnated with a special blend of argan and macadamia nut oils. According to the manufacturers, with each combing, your hair will receive natural natural nutrition. Provides even distribution of the caring agent, does not stain hands.
  3. Wooden hairbrush Macadamia. The teeth of the Bamboo Paddle Brush, like the comb, are treated with macadamia nut and argan oils. When you run it through the hair, the nutrient composition will fall on the hair, slightly moisturizing it and saturating it with vitamins.
  4. Flat comb Macadamia. Has natural bristles. This is a brush for thick and long hair. She smoothes and straightens them perfectly. Also suitable for head massage. Heat-resistant, does not electrify.
  5. Brush-brushing Macadamia in 4 diameters. A line of special brushes for styling of varying complexity. Brushing, like its predecessor, has 100% natural bristles, is resistant to heat, and does not electrify.
  6. Blowing comb-brushing. The through structure of the brush allows you to create additional volume at the roots of the hair during styling and reduce the time for drying the head. Has antibacterial and antistatic effects.

Description of the Macadamia Natural Oil No Tungle comb

Based on the functions, goals and objectives, No Tungle has a number of features:

  1. Special tooth material. The teeth of the Macadamia comb are slightly softer than those of its competitor, the Tangle Teezer. This is achieved thanks to a special unique flex bristle technology (flexible bristles), which allows it not only to disassemble tangled strands, but also interact more delicately with the scalp.
  2. Special tooth length. Thanks to this, the Macadamia comb copes with hair not only of medium, but also of high density (unlike TT). The length of the bristles in Macadamia is about 5 mm longer.
  3. Special arrangement of teeth. Checkerboard placement of soft teeth is thought out specifically to detangle wet hair tangles.
  4. Comfortable handle. The only specific feature in this case is the location and shape of the handle — it is designed for right-handers. Left-handers will not be very comfortable using it.

Benefits of the Macadamia No Tangle Brush

  1. Prevents hair split.
  2. Easily copes with curls prone to tangling (very curly, dry, brittle).
  3. Painlessly combs out tangles.
  4. Safe to use on hair extensions.

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