beaded collars

Collars made of beads and beads have become a fashionable hit this year. Original accessories look good and are able to decorate both everyday and festive bows.

Collar embroidered with beads – a gift in retro style

It is to this trend in fashion that we should be grateful for the return of detachable collars. Their history is quite long and it began in the men’s wardrobe. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, men who could not afford high-quality expensive shirts wore false collars under their suits. Of course, such a convenient and beautiful accessory could not remain aloof from female attention, and already in the middle of the 20th century, removable collars began to decorate women’s clothing. In the 80s, school graduates could not even imagine that the white collar, which had become boring for 10 school years, would return to fashion in a few decades and gain such popularity.

This element of clothing can be made of lace, leather, but a beaded collar looks especially feminine and stylish. This jewelry can help a modern woman quickly transform after work and go to a party – you just need to get a collar out of your purse. With it, even the most modest suit or dress will be transformed beyond recognition.

What to wear with an openwork collar made of beads and beads?

Many girls do not buy this fashion item because they do not know what to wear it with. In fact, there are quite a few options:

  • on a dress, a beaded collar will look great if it is simple in cut and has a round neck, you can also combine collars with a V-neck and a boat, but you need to choose them more carefully in shape and size;
  • the collar will be combined with blouses and blouses without unnecessary details in the décolleté area;
  • if you want to wear a collar with clothes that already have it, then the beaded collar should completely cover the “native” collar.

For a walk or meeting with friends, for an informal event, you can wear a T-shirt, top or T-shirt with a beaded collar, going to the office, combine the collar with a jumper, jacket. For a festive event, a dress with a beaded collar will be an ideal option.

How to choose a beaded collar necklace?

Designers suggest choosing this accessory according to the shape of the face:

  • girls with an oval face should try on a triangular collar;
  • chubby fashionistas fit rounded collars;
  • ladies with a triangular face shape can pay attention to stand-up collars.

Decorating a collar with beads is possible not only for well-known manufacturers, but also for any home-grown craftswoman. Currently, needlework stores offer a huge selection of beads and beads – from simple ones to incredibly beautiful, shiny, eye-catching and comparable to precious stones.

You can find tutorials on decorating a collar with beads on the net or in specialized literature and create jewelry for different clothes on your own. If you do not have the skills of beading, then the collar can either be ordered or purchased in accessory stores.

Beaded collars can be made on a fabric basis and without it. In any case, the product does not lose quality if high-quality beads are used in it. By the way, designers advise choosing ivory beads that imitate pearls.

Collars that combine beads, lace, and ribbons look very gentle. This model will especially appeal to sophisticated ladies.

It is important to remember that a detachable collar is not a part of clothing, but a completely independent element. It sounds no less bright than earrings, necklaces, bracelets. In general, if you use any jewelry in your image, then you need to combine them, first of all, with a collar.