Sertina Clock

The Swiss Certina watch was first seen in 1888. The founders of the company were Alfred and Adolf Krut. The brainchild of the brothers was originally called Grana, and the company received its modern name only in 1938. The heyday of the brand falls on the period from 1929 to 1975. At that time, the Swiss watches «Sertina» were produced under the direction of Erwin and Hans Kruth, the sons of the founders. The company went down in history as the first to release wrist models for women. This happened in 1906. The most interesting thing is that it was women who began to wear these accessories on their wrists, because men found it very difficult to overcome the age-old habit, because they were used to keeping watches in their trouser pockets. Certina is also a digital pioneer. In 1936, the craftsmen created the first model, in which time was determined not with the help of arrows, but was displayed with numbers that were displayed in a window specially made in the case. By the beginning of the last century, the family company Certina had several world awards, which were presented during exhibitions held in Milan, Brussels and Bern.

Impeccable quality and corporate identity

Women’s watches «Sertina» have always been characterized by uncompromising reliability, as well as models for men. After all, it was not in vain that the products of this Swiss brand were used by sailors and pilots during the war. Thanks to the introduction of the double safety system, the characteristics of the watch in those days and today are unique. The fact is that each model has shock protection. The glass on the dials is sapphire, which means that it cannot get scratched. The watch case is reinforced, and the case back is equipped with a special seal. The protective mechanism protects the shaft and crown from damage, which allows you to be sure of the accuracy of Certina watches. What can we say, if the watch was tested by placing it in the center of a hockey puck! And the watch with dignity withstood such a test.

A few decades ago, the design of Certina watches corresponded to the canons of the classics. Round dial, leather strap, traditional colors and laconic straight hands — such were Sertina watches in the past. But since 1983, the Certina brand has become the property of the SMH Group. This determined the further fate of Swiss watches. The fact is that the management of the corporation decided to bet on sports design. The dials became square, oval, and the skin was replaced by metal and plastic. However, such changes were reflected in the popularity for the better. Today, Certina women’s watches are chosen by girls with an active lifestyle, who know exactly what they want.

Currently, the products of the Swiss company Certina are presented in four collections. The first three collections include watches made in a frankly sporty style. These are the lines SPORT Classic (classic sports models), SPORT Xtreme (sports models with enhanced protection) and SPORT Elegant (sporty style models that can be worn with everyday clothes). The fourth collection is Certina Automatic, which presents mechanical models equipped with an automatic winding function. This collection is good because the watches presented in it are distinguished by stylistic diversity. When purchasing a Certina watch, every girl can choose the right bracelet, dial shape and color scheme.

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