romanson watch

Sweden is far from the only place where they know how to make good, high-quality watches. Modern productions in China, Japan and other countries today not only successfully compete with some European brands, but, at times, even outstrip them.

Romanson watches have quite conflicting reviews. Some people are satisfied with everything in them – the design, the materials, the quality of the mechanism and coating, while others consider such watches to be only average parodies of really great watch brands such as Tissot, Cartier, Chopard and others. Be that as it may, a period of 20 years of presence on the world market is a sufficient argument to seriously think about their candidacy.

About the brand

Contrary to popular belief, Romanson watches are not Swiss, but Korean. The legend about their origin was formed for several reasons:

  • firstly, the company is named after the Swiss industrial city of Romanshorn;
  • secondly, Romanson watches are really assembled on the basis of Swiss watch movements, such as ETA, ISA and Ronda;
  • thirdly, due to the previous point, there is a “Swiss Quartz” mark on the back of the watch.

The quality of products is guaranteed by the international certificate ISO 9001. After receiving it, the company finally established itself in the list of world watch magnates.

Lines and collections of Romanson watches for women

  1. Adel. Slogan: «Unity of past and present.» As can be understood from the slogan, in this line the creators tried to find a compromise between traditional design and new fashion trends. Thanks to this, models in the style of modern classics were born, which may be of interest not only to conservative clients, but also to a young audience.
  2. T.F. Trofish. tagline: «Charm captures the imagination.» A bright collection of women’s watches Romanson was created especially for young girls. The original, memorable design makes the watch an original accessory for outstanding personalities.
  3. Modish. tagline: «Pure lines, simple design.» The laconic forms of Romanson watches of this line gravitate toward geometric shapes: the perfect circle, square, rectangle. Everything here is reduced to the necessary minimum — both the strap and the design of the dial. Of the materials, leather is most often used, but there are also models made of steel.
  4. Opus. tagline: «Sporty yet graceful.» A collection for people in whose life there is sport. Equipped with an additional chronograph, have a higher rate of water resistance.
  5. Giselle. Slogan: «Elegance of style.» Thin, feminine, incredibly elegant Romanson watch on a bracelet can be easily linked with other precious jewelry: a chain, earrings, a ring. The line offers dynamic options on a simple strap for modern business women, and more sophisticated models with a chain bracelet for those who seek to emphasize their feminine essence.
  6. Phil. tagline: «dazzling». Surely the manufacturers had a reason to position this collection in this way, but it is quite difficult to understand why, based on the assortment presented in domestic stores. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that these are classic models of good quality at a very affordable price.

At one time, a collection of elite women’s watches Romanson Marigold was launched. In addition to ordinary materials, precious metals and stones were used in it. The line is produced in limited quantities, which naturally increases the uniqueness of the products.


Romanson also has women’s watches, which stand out favorably from the crowd due to their material. These are models from the Titanium line. They are a collection of ultra-light watches with a titanium alloy case, which provides the product with hypoallergenic properties.

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