Ever since the Soviet times, the owners of watches produced by the Japanese brand Orient have been admired and even envied, because only a few could afford this scarce luxury. In the seventies, the design of these accessories surprised, and the Soviet-made models categorically lost. Today, Japanese wristwatches by Orient are available to all connoisseurs of unsurpassed quality and easily recognizable style.

Brand history

The history of a successful Japanese brand began in 1950. Segoro Yoshidu became the founder of Orient Watch Co. Ltd., having worked in watchmaking for almost half a century. The master knew the intricacies of creating perfectly time-keeping mechanisms, so the watches produced by his company immediately became popular. However, in the seventies, the positions of Orient Watch Co. Ltd. reeled, which was caused by the entry into the market of the Casio brand. Faced with a marketing problem, Segoro Yoshidu established market relations with the Soviet countries. And the business turned into a profitable business again, and Orient returned to the top three leaders in Japan. Currently, the brand is owned by the Seiko concern, which owns factories located not only in Japan, but also in Hong Kong, China and South America. At the beginning of 2006, the management of the world famous company decided to transfer production facilities from Japan to China in order to reduce the cost of the final product. However, consumers reacted negatively to this turn of events, because it affected the quality of the watch. Four years later, Orient women’s and men’s wristwatches began to be produced again in Japan. Today, Orient owns several brands, the most famous of which are Orient, Royal Orient, Orient Star, Diana, iO, YOU, Town&Country, Daks and Private Label. More than six hundred specialists work on the creation of watches, who check each model, which excludes the possibility of manufacturing defects.

Stylish women’s accessory

Choosing a model solely on its appearance, they have no doubt that the watch will serve properly for many years. The reputation of the Orient brand is conducive to this. The original watch «Orient» is a perfect mechanism, which is considered one of the most advanced and reliable in the world. Modern models are made most often of stainless steel. The mechanisms in the watches are shock-resistant, so there is no doubt that after years women’s mechanical or inertial watches «Orient» will not lose their attractive appearance.

A few years ago, Orient released a series of watches for Russian consumers, the case of which was covered with rose gold, and the dial was decorated with semi-precious stones. This luxury caused a real stir, and the first batch of watches immediately found their owners. Today, the brand sells more than two hundred thousand watches annually. The advantage of these accessories is a fairly affordable price. It is relatively low, which is explained by the absence of small series.

Like any commodity in demand, Japanese watches are often counterfeited, passing off copies as originals. Those who are interested in how to distinguish a fake should know that Orient watches cannot cost less than $ 50 equivalent. When buying in a branded boutique or shopping center, you need to check for the presence of a hologram sticker with the brand logo on the back of the dial. In addition, each copy of the watch is marked with codes. There are three of them — on the cover, bracelet and dial.

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