clock cerruti 1881

Cerruti’s style is impeccable — the clothes and accessories of this brand are «impregnated» with aristocracy and Italian traditions. The brand’s products can be recognized by their unsurpassed quality, and the Cerruti 1881 watch is no exception.

Wrist watch Cerruti 1881

Women’s watches of this brand attract no less attention than jewelry. They attract attention due to their luxury, originality, creativity of design. In most cases, it can be accurately determined that the mistress of such watches is a self-confident woman who knows a lot about fashion trends.

The advantages of Cerruti women’s watches become obvious as soon as you see them or try them on:

  • they look elegant and can be compared with jewelry, some models are them;
  • suitable for both business and festive bows;
  • watches are of Italian quality and Swiss movement;
  • Cerruti watches are not only beautiful, but also functional.

Cerruti 1881 watch models

Women’s watches from this brand first appeared in 2004. Since then, Cerruti 1881, releasing two collections a year, has consistently included «fine accessories» for lovely ladies. One of the most popular series for fashionistas is Diva. She is known for her large watches with gold cases and Swarovski crystals. Girls can choose the color according to their taste — the watch is presented in bright and matte pink, brown and gray.

Models from the Stella collection are also very extraordinary — in addition to the fact that they have a liquid crystal display, the strap for such Cerruti 1881 watches was made of rubber and rose gold. It was they who became the first luxury watches in the fashion style. A feature of the Odissea series is the mother-of-pearl design of the dial, and the main feature of the Donna collection is conciseness and strict design. In favor of Cerruti watches is the fact that they are affordable for many.

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