Chanel backpack

Over the last few seasons, backpacks have taken over classic bags as the go-to option for everyday wear. This is not surprising, because they look youthful and unusual, and their large capacity and wearing comfort is another important plus. And what could be more stylish than just a well-chosen backpack? Only a backpack from the Chanel fashion house.

Chanel backpack

Backpacks from this fashion brand are perhaps the most desirable acquisition of a real fashionista. Do not stop before the desire to own it, even a fairly high price (it starts at about $ 1300). This backpack is a great addition to your everyday wardrobe, as well as an unusual accessory for going out to the club.

Now the company produces several options for women’s backpacks. Each of them has a memorable, unusual design. So, for those who want to purchase the most feminine model, we can recommend the Chanel women’s quilted backpack. It will perfectly complement even an airy, romantic image, and its high quality will allow you to wear this backpack for many years, enjoying its invariably beautiful appearance. After all, Chanel leather backpacks are made from only the highest quality materials, and the accessories on them retain their beautiful appearance and do not peel off over time.

For girls who are prone to experiment with style and simply want to bring a hooligan touch to their image, Karl Lagerfeld, the brand’s creative director, designed and released the Chanel Graffiti backpack last year, which has already won the hearts of many celebrities. Stars such as Kristen Stewart, Ksenia Sobchak and Lera Kudryavtseva appeared with this Chanel backpack. From afar, it may seem that this is a Chanel denim backpack, but this is not at all the case. In fact, it is made of strong and durable canvas, has a small pocket in front and a large company logo, painted slightly at an angle. Also, each such backpack is equipped with a rope woven from multi-colored twine and secured with a carabiner. The Backpack Graffiti is available in three colors: black/grey, beige/yellow and beige/pink.

How to distinguish an original Chanel backpack?

Such a question arises before customers very often, because due to the high cost of each item and great demand, all products of this brand become a tasty morsel for those who manufacture fakes.

First of all, it is worth remembering that the original Chanel backpack cannot be bought at the points of sale of discounted or defective goods. The company very zealously monitors the quality of its products and all samples in which discrepancies are found or defects are destroyed at the production stage.

The second important way to protect original Chanel products is to assign a special individual number to each bag or backpack, which is located on a special hologram tag, as well as on an identity card, which must also be attached to a new backpack. It is worth trying to separate the tag from the thing, if this can be done without violating its integrity, then most likely you have a fake.

Quilted Chanel backpacks can be distinguished from fake ones by their appearance. The lines on them should be even and dense and be made in the form of rhombuses or squares with equal sides. Moreover, the line on the valve and the backpack itself or other details must match. If the integrity of the diamond is broken, then this is not a real Chanel backpack.

It is worth paying attention to the accessories: it should be the same color on all parts of the product, the locks on the outer and inner pockets should also match the color of the rest of the backpack. Logos must be made of solid metal, they cannot be scuffed or distorted.