cat hat with ears

Girls are often compared to graceful, affectionate, cute kitties, so why not complement your look with a female cat hat? Some of the fair sex in vain believe that this thing looks childish. It fits perfectly into the bows of not only young people, but also women of a more respectable age.

Hat with cat ears – the trend of the season

A model at a show in such an accessory is not uncommon. The hat in the form of a cat was given life by designer Anna Sui and now the popularity of both knows no bounds. Anna herself is a bright, creative person and her collections are the embodiment of love of life. Indeed, how can you remain angry or dissatisfied in such a hat?!

There are several options for the accessory:

  1. A mink hat with cat ears is perfect for women who prefer a classic style – laconic down jackets, strict coats, sheepskin coats and fur coats. The accessory adds a bit of playfulness and coquetry to a conservative outfit, and it also presents its mistress as a nature that is not only demanding of herself and others, but also soft and touching when necessary.
  2. The knitted cat hat goes great with casual style items – with short jackets, parkas, sweaters and jeans. Such models are often decorated with sequins, embroidery, beads, braids instead of ties. A cat hat would look appropriate not only outside the city at barbecues, but also on a walk with a child or friends.
  3. A fur hat with cat ears, made of natural fur or faux fur, looks quite funny and will appeal to stylish youth. It can be combined with different clothes and enjoy the comfort and warmth that fur can give.

How to choose a hat-cat?

This style is not suitable for all girls. Best of all, such a hat will look on chubby fashionistas. It will also suit those who have a triangular or elongated small face.

If you want to wear this model to work and complement your everyday bows, then it is better to choose a knitted or mink cat hat with small ears. For bold informal occasions, you can purchase a hat with pronounced ears, eyes, nose and paws of this fluffy animal.

Ideal cat hats look in gray, silver, cream. It is these colors that cats and cats usually have in real life. But striped models and caps of saturated colors are also produced.

Where can I buy a cat hat?

Many celebrities already have this beautiful piece in their wardrobe. You too can become its owner. Mink cat hats are now sold in almost any fur coat store or high-quality accessories store. Such a product will serve you for a long time – mink is considered one of the most wear-resistant furs. In addition, the hats are lined with fleece on the inside, which guarantees warmth. The cat fur hat is amazingly elegant and feminine, so there is no doubt that it will become one of your favorite items in your wardrobe.

If you are a lover of simpler things, then you can buy a cat hat in knitted design. Moreover, by tying the hat yourself, you will get a completely unique thing. The accessory is knitted quite easily both with knitting needles and with a crochet, this process does not take much time, and there are a lot of patterns on the network. Even if needlework is not up to you, you can order to knit a cat-hat – in any case, you will receive a unique, cool, fashionable thing for your winter looks.

By the way, it is easy to pick up cute scarves, mittens and gloves for such an accessory, so that any weather submits only to your purring mood.