canvas bag

Canvas bags are sewn from natural and durable fabrics — coarse calico, double-thread, cotton. They are convenient and practical, making them the best solution for everyday use, as well as for promotions or corporate gift wrapping.

Canvas shoulder bag

These bags have become not just an ecological replacement for plastic bags, but also a completely independent accessory. In addition, it is so convenient to place advertising on them — it will spread around the city on the shoulders of people with lightning speed. And they can also be used to wrap corporate gifts, which will support the spirit of the company among employees and customers.

Women’s canvas bags

From a purely economic attribute for shopping, they gradually turned into an integral element of the image of a city dweller or a tourist — remember how all travelers consider it their duty to bring a canvas knapsack from abroad with the inscription «I love NY!».

With such a bag it is convenient to go to nature, to the beach or to the store. It can successfully carry books, groceries, small items and clothes. It, unlike plastic bags, looks stylish, is comfortably worn on the shoulder, unloading hands from weights and, moreover, does not poison the environment.

Any drawings and inscriptions can be applied to a canvas bag, which will make it and you individual and unique.

If you need a large number of canvas bags, you can always order from one of the specialized companies. In the same place, any drawing, logo, inscription, photo chosen by you will be put on them. All products are made of high quality materials, environmentally friendly and durable. And in addition to standard forms, you can order products according to your individual design.