Brown leather bag

Brown bags can have a wide variety of textures and eventfulness. The range of shades is quite wide: from coffee with milk to the classic color of dark chocolate.

Women’s brown leather bags are truly versatile and allow you to move away from the traditionally everyday black. If you are embarrassed by the fact that brown does not fit the entire wardrobe, then we hasten to assure you that you can create a harmonious look by adding small accessories to a brown leather bag, be it a belt or a scarf. Jewelry or precious metals made of gold also look good with it. Such a bag will emphasize and highlight products with colored stones, especially turquoise, emeralds, moss agates.

How to choose the right brown bag made of genuine leather for your figure?

When choosing such a bag, it is important that it not only matches a certain event in color and dimensions, but also that its shape is in harmony with the figure. The main rule is to choose brown women’s bags that are diametrically opposed to your body type.

  1. Owners of feminine forms with roundness will suit bags of strict forms with clear geometric lines.
  2. If your figure has a boyish outline, with a softly defined waist, then brown shoulder bags with a soft shape, for example, a hobo, should be preferred.
  3. If you are the owner of wide hips, such as a “pear” figure, then in this case the bag should be located in the waist or chest area, with medium-length handles. In shape — semicircular, rectangular, square.
  4. Ladies with broad shoulders will suit models of brown leather bags with long handles, trapezoidal shape, it is better to wear at the level of the hips.
  5. For women with a “rectangle” figure, volumetrically decorated bags of a soft shape and large size are suitable, they should be worn at chest or waist level.
  6. For an oval type of figure, bags of medium and large dimensions with long or short weighty handles, of strict shapes, are suitable. To wear such a brown leather bag should be at the level of the chest or hips.