When creating an image, it is important to pay special attention to every detail. This also applies to women’s watches, the brand of which can tell a lot about their owner. But at the same time, when choosing such an accessory, it is important to pay attention to not becoming another victim of those who like to sell copies as original products of famous brands.

Rating of popular brands of women’s watches

  1. Tissot. In the 19th century, this brand created stunningly beautiful watches for the Russian Imperial Court. Now it can be worn by anyone who wants to emphasize their social status and excellent taste. Not surprisingly, Elvis Presley himself was a fan of this Swiss brand.
  2. Breguet. The name of this brand is synonymous with the best women’s premium watches. Blue hands and gold plating of the case, a corrugated pattern on the case porch, an individual number displayed on an elegant dial — can anything be better than such beauty?
  3. Patek Philippe. A brand of Swiss women’s watches, each model of which embodies independence, craftsmanship and aesthetics. It is not in vain that many people pass on such an accessory as a family heirloom. After all, it is famous for its excellent quality and reliability.
  4. Seiko. A Japanese brand that creates watches for those who always want to be in trend. So, here you can find multifunctional creations that not only measure time, but also have automatic winding and date. In addition, they are famous for their impact resistance and water resistance.
  5. Franck Muller. It is impossible not to complete the list of the most popular women’s watches with this brand. After all, she is one of the most recognizable in the world. Its distinctive feature is a creative dial filled with unusual numbers. Despite the fact that the company was founded only 24 years ago, it managed to win the hearts of many punctual beauties.

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