brachialini bags

Bags of the Italian brand Bracialini cannot be confused with others. A girl with such an accessory will definitely stand out from the crowd and will be remembered by passers-by. After all, the design inherent in these bags is unique.

History of Braccialini bags

Italian bags under the name Braccialini began to be produced around the middle of the last century. It was originally a family business run by husband and wife Roberto and Carla Bracialini. They had a small shop where they sold models of accessories of their own production. Initially, these were bags woven from straw, richly decorated with artificial flowers, appliqué, pieces of leather, and embroidered elements. Such extraordinary handbags quickly attracted fashionistas and became popular. Further, the collection was supplemented by textile models, and in 1976, the first Braccialini women’s handbags made of genuine leather appeared.

These unusual, memorable and recognizable models of handbags became popular and soon attracted the attention of one of the most talented and famous designers in Europe – Vivienne Westwood. She entered into a contract with the firm to produce bags under her name. Since then, Braccialini stores have opened in more than 40 countries, and the company’s products are exported to another 40. In addition, online sales of branded bags, shoes, wallets and accessories are actively developing. Modern models amaze with the variety of designs: exotic flowers bloom on Bracialini women’s bags, embroidered animals walk, entire blocks and individual mansions are placed.

Choosing a Bracialini bag

Despite the impeccable quality of bags, the firm relies on an unusual, recognizable and memorable design. Therefore, it is not surprising that in stores you can find a huge number of copies of Braccialini bags, because every girl wants to be the owner of an unusual and non-standard accessory, but not everyone has the opportunity to afford an original and rather expensive bag of a famous brand. Usually replicas of Bracialini bags repeat the most recognizable and commercially successful models of the company, for example, the famous bag in the shape of a car, which is available in a variety of colors.

Well, real fashionistas always closely follow the new collections of Bracialini bags. This year, the designers of this trading house provided a wide selection of bags of various designs. For women with high status and position, you can choose lacquer models with imitation of python skin. Noble colors: wine, black, chocolate will emphasize your elegant style and complement even a strict office suit. Well, for relaxation or for younger carefree girls, the Italian brand offers a wide selection of multi-colored bags, decorated with leather applications and various accessories. Romantic natures will surely like models whose decoration imitates the gate to the garden of love, entwined with roses or an open window with violets on the windowsill, from which a field strewn with wildflowers can be seen. Playful girls and lovers of modern art will not be able to pass by bags consisting of geometric pieces of multi-colored leather or the famous bags in the shape of cars that will emphasize a cheerful look. Relevant handbags with an interesting keychain on a chain, which is made in the shape of a dog’s head. Such an accessory is placed in a special pocket of the bag. This keychain is an ironic take on the girls who carry their little dogs everywhere with them in their bag.