bottega veneta bags

The elite Italian brand Bottega Veneta is known all over the world. First of all, its products are intended for the richest and most influential people. But still, many fashionistas manage to buy clothes, bags or other Bottega Veneta accessories, each of which is exclusive in its own way and very expensive. In this article, we invite you to get acquainted with the enchanting world of Bottega Veneta bags, which amaze with their style and sophistication.

Bottega Veneta Women’s Bags

The most important feature of the brand is that all models are made by hand. Dozens of craftsmen work to create Bottega Veneta bags using the highest quality materials. As a result of such work, products are obtained, each of which is not like the others. And many handbags are made in a single copy.

The most popular Bottega Veneta bags are wicker, the so-called cabat bag. They look, for the most part, quite simple and elegant, but that’s where their understated luxury lies. Bags are made of oxidized leather or dyed lizard skin. Basically, the price of such a product is a little less than $ 5,000. But some custom-made models are much more expensive. The most expensive Cabat bag cost its owner $74,000.

Bottega Veneta women’s bags are distinguished by another interesting feature. Unlike many other interesting brands, you will not find any logo on the model itself, but only on the inside, on the lining, there is a rather modest print. And yet, Bottega Veneta bags are recognizable without this distinctive detail.

As for the models of bags, they are very diverse. Volumetric bags for every day are preferred by many stars. They are distinguished by extraordinary softness and comfort, and, of course, beautiful appearance.

For lovers of something more original, the brand’s designers offer options of small size, with long or short handles, soft and firmly holding the shape. Also, many are pleased with the rich color scheme — in addition to black and gray models, you can buy red, yellow, blue bags.

As an evening option, Bottega Veneta creates numerous models of clutches, which, like large bags, are distinguished by a variety of colors and understated elegance.

If you decide to buy yourself a similar accessory, then keep in mind that the original Bottega Veneta bags are distinguished by a high cost. If you found a budget option, then this is probably a fake.