blue bag

There is an opinion that the blue color in clothes and accessories betrays a frivolous and dreamy nature. In fact, a variety of shades allows you to make this color even in a strict business style.

Blue bags: they are so different

Today, designers use celestial shades in their collections quite often, so a blue bag is quite a good purchase. As for shapes and textures, there are a lot of options:

  • a gray-blue leather bag of simple shape will fit perfectly into an office dress code, since shades of gray have long been recognized as «business», and with blue they go just fine;
  • a small blue leather shoulder bag in a rich shade is more suitable for a young girl;
  • the best option with which to wear such a blue bag is casual;
  • a bag with a blue stripe, like a marine theme, will be relevant every summer season — such models are often made of thick oxford-type fabric;
  • bags with a blue edging are one of the most convenient options: you can always choose the universal main color of the bag, and a strap or bracelet to the edging, then the image will be complete.

What to wear with a blue bag?

Since the blue color itself is quite bright, you will have to choose not only the style of clothing, but also its shades. For example, it is better not to combine a bright plain dress with a bag of the same color. Here, accessories two or three tones lighter or darker are more suitable.

If the outfit has several colors (including blue), then the bag can be chosen according to the shade that is present in the clothes. Bright summer sundresses of yellow, beige, cream shades will make friends with a voluminous blue bag in pastel colors.

It is perfectly acceptable to «dilute» the base colors with accessories. For example, a gray-blue bag will complement a formal business suit and make it more fresh and lively. If these are trousers with a jacket, then it is permissible to take a large bag of a simple form. And for a dress or skirt, a compact and feminine model is more suitable. The lighter and simpler the outfit, the more intricate and miniature handbag you can afford.