black shawl

A fashionable black shawl is not a simple triangular or square scarf, it is an elegant and sophisticated accessory that can decorate any woman.

Black classic coloring makes this thing really versatile and easy to use. The black color harmonizes perfectly with any other shades, so fashionistas will not have to guess whether the shawl will suit their outfit.

But, nevertheless, the classic women’s black shawl also has many guises. And all thanks to the efforts of designers and a variety of materials. Among the proposed assortment, every woman will be able to find a suitable option for any weather and for every occasion.

What to wear with a black women’s shawl?

For example, a black openwork crocheted or knitted shawl will be a great addition to an evening dress. In addition, you can diversify your everyday office ensemble with it, take it with you to a meeting with friends or a date.

Knitted items can vary in pattern, size and shape, often black knitted shawls with the addition of a thread of a different color or with an interesting finish. These days, warm black rectangular shawls are especially popular. They are easy to tie and combine with absolutely any thing. A triangular shawl is easy to make, it can be tied around the head, used as a scarf, or to hide figure flaws. By the way, it is black shawls that cope with this task as well as possible. A knitted black cape will hide excessive fullness or thinness, give the missing volume to the silhouette.

Not so warm, but no less spectacular, black silk shawls look truly excellent. Models decorated with bright patterns should be chosen carefully and make sure that the color scheme of the shawl resonates with the clothes. Ordinary all-black accessories are not so whimsical. They will complement an evening outfit, a business suit, a classic shirt or a knitted sweater. It is worth noting that thin silk shawls are relevant in summer and early autumn. In colder weather, it is better to use knitted or cashmere products.