Black knitted gloves

Getting acquainted with the new collections of fashionable gloves for women, it’s hard not to be amazed by the variety of stylistic solutions offered by the world’s leading designers. Original shapes, a variety of color palettes, sophistication of decor and the use of a variety of materials allow you to choose those gloves that will be the perfect final touch to a fashionable bow. But there are models that can be called universal. Of course, these are black knitted gloves that go with almost any outfit. The girl in black gloves is a practical and rational person, but at the same time versed in fashion trends. Women’s black gloves can be worn with fur coats, jackets, coats, and vests. Ready to learn all about fashion accessories?

Types of gloves

It would seem that gloves are just an addition to the image, but this statement is true only if we are talking about standard models. Black knitted gloves are practical, but rather inconspicuous. They warm the hands, do not conflict with the overall style of the image. But fishnet black gloves can already safely claim a bright accent! They are able to set the tone for the entire ensemble.

High black gloves are still in trend, the length of which varies within fifty centimeters. Such accessories can be combined with large jewelry. A massive bracelet or an original ring will be an excellent solution for creating a stylish evening look. Long black gloves allow you to experiment with evening bows. At the same time, it is important to strike a balance between the density of knitting gloves and the texture of the material used to sew the outfit.

But do not think that such models cannot fit into the framework of everyday style. If you choose gloves for a knitted or knitted dress, tunic or sweater, then the image will turn out to be harmonious and unpretentious. The trend includes gloves with simple, uncomplicated patterns, and models richly decorated with stones, metal elements, and appliqués. To look harmonious, you should follow a simple rule: gloves with rich decor are combined with laconic outfits, and simple plain black models can be worn with complex cut clothes made of textured materials.

Decor of black gloves

Openwork knitted patterns do not need decorations, since the pattern itself acts as an ornament. Accessories with a smooth texture are decorated mainly with fur with different lengths of villi, rivets, and beads. It is worth noting that long-haired fur does not add practicality to gloves, but such accessories make the image luxurious and glamorous.

The indisputable advantage of black gloves is that they can be worn by both owners of graceful fingers and fragile wrists, and girls with full hands. A win-win option is gloves of traditional length, covering the wrists by 6-7 centimeters. For girls with full hands, stylists recommend wearing black gloves with a laconic decor or without it at all.

When choosing knitted gloves, it should be understood that with daily wear they will not be able to maintain their original appearance for a long time. It is recommended to wash such accessories as infrequently as possible, only in manual mode and using gentle detergents.

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