Beret with visor

Takes a sign of every fashionista. This headdress evokes romantic associations, and the image with it becomes refined. What is the secret of the beret? The fact is that it suits every girl and can be worn with any hairstyle. Casually tilted to one side, or neatly put on the back of the head – it always remains fashionable.

If you are tired of standard models, then you can experiment and try on women’s berets with a visor. They make the image more relaxed, bringing it closer to the casual style, and a thin visor emphasizes the unusual style.

Knitted berets with a visor

Modern needlewomen knit hats on their own, in particular berets. For work, one skein of woolen threads and knitting needles / hook are required. The visor can be knitted separately, and then sewn on, or all the work can be done at the same time. Please note that the visor should keep its shape well, so the knitting should be tight. For greater stability, rigid linings made of paper or plastic are used.

A knitted beret with a visor can be decorated with an unusual pattern, beads, ribbons and beads. The top of the cap can be decorated with a symbolic “tail”, which is characteristic of all headdresses of this type.

Types of berets

Depending on the material used, all berets can be divided into types:

  1. Fur beret with a visor. Fur inserts are used for decoration. This type of headdress belongs to winter and it is better to combine it with down jackets, winter coats and sheepskin coats.
  2. Fabric beret. More like a cap. It is better to combine it with leather jackets, light sweatshirts and cardigans.
  3. Knitted beret. Made from thick wool yarn. Decorated with openwork inserts, decorative brooches. Makes the look soft and feminine.