Whatever warm clothes you choose for the autumn-winter season, it is unlikely that you will be able to feel comfortable without a hat. What hat to choose so that it goes to the face and harmonizes with the clothes? The leading position among popular headwear is occupied by beanie hats, as evidenced by numerous photos from fashion shows and magazines. Who would have thought that these unpretentious hats would become the favorite of many show business stars and ordinary people? The fashionable beanie hat is a practical and stylish headwear that emphasizes individual style. Adherents of hipster paraphernalia, whose number is growing, prefer just such a style of hats. The women’s beanie hat is in the wardrobe of such celebrities as Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Rita Ora, Olivia Culpo, Emma Stone, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Cole, Kaya Scodelario.

The current trend of the season

What is a beanie hat? In principle, this is any knitted hat without additional ties, which is held on the head without any additional elements. Translated from English, bean means «bean», that is, something round, simple, without frills. Modern models of beanie hats are presented in the widest range. You can choose a model without or with a lapel, a hat with a thin or thick knit, a winter or demi-season model, with or without logos, stripes, pom-poms.

Beanie hats provide their owners with comfort and warmth. It can be put on your head in one motion, without worrying that there is no mirror nearby. It is enough to adjust the beanie hat, pulling it back or pulling it over the eyebrows, and an excellent appearance is guaranteed. Many girls prefer such headwear for the reason that it is so easy to create a deliberately casual look with their help, which corresponds to the hipster, street style, and swag styles that are popular today. Knit or jersey beanie supports walking casual, sporty style and grunge. By the way, both women and men wear beanie hats.

Who is the beanie hat for? It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, because it depends not only on the preferred style of clothing, but also on facial features, age and model of the headdress itself. So, girls with a round face and large facial features should choose large-knit models with a large pom-pom at the top. This will help soften the contours and visually stretch the face. If the chin is somewhat heavy, it will balance the lapel on a knitted hat, and a beanie pulled over the eyes will hide a too high forehead and an elongated face. Girls with full cheeks should not wear thin beanies. Owners of clear graphic lines of the face can wear almost any model. They are equally well suited for voluminous beanies and models made of fine wool, knitwear, cashmere and even cotton. Stylists recommend wearing beanies with strands of hair released from the face, which help create feminine looks.

What to wear beanie with?

There are many options for wearing a beanie hat, but there are not strict rules that you should follow. If you want to emphasize the naturalness of the style, choose a coarse knit beanie in any shade of beige. With high boots, leggings and a tunic, a medium-knit beanie with a small pom-pom will look great, while a thin model in cashmere or knitwear will allow you to get closer to the classic look. The combination of a laconic beanie hat with a classic solid woolen coat or trench looks great. A democratic hat «knocks down pride» with expensive outerwear — at the exit we have a typical dress down. When choosing a beanie hat, do not trust the advice, but simply evaluate your reflection in the mirror. If the appearance does not cause discomfort, feel free to replenish your wardrobe with a bright youth trend.