bags with handles

Different women prefer to carry different bags. Often, the “face” of an accessory is made not only by its shape and size, but also by the handles.

What are the pens?

Models of fashionable bags today, depending on the type of handle, are represented by the following options:

  1. Bag with long handles — an excellent choice of a stylish, active girl. Thanks to these handles, it can be worn on the shoulder or at the ready. The accessory can have both a small and an impressive shape.
  2. Bag with ring handles — an elegant model for girls who prefer a classic style. Such handles can be made of metal, bamboo or other durable materials. Bags with metal handles are rarely large, most often, they resemble suitcases.
  3. Women’s tote bagssimilar to the Baguette model. «Baguette» has small handles, but, usually, a thin long strap is also included.
  4. One of the common women’s handbags with one handle is Hobo bag. It has the shape of a crescent and is worn on the shoulder. Another well-known variant of the bag with one handle is the Messenger style. It looks like a postman’s bag, differs in capacity and large size.
  5. Tote bag The perfect bag for everyday wear. It is voluminous, roomy, with two medium handles, depending on the decor, it can be used in different bows.

How to choose a bag?

Messenger bag is perfect for youth bows. It is convenient to go to school with it — it can easily fit a laptop, A4 sheets. In addition, the messenger bag goes well with jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts and other casual wear.

When purchasing a bag with ring handles, you should be prepared for the fact that one hand will be constantly busy with you. Some girls find this quality inconvenient, as they often have to talk on the phone, open doors, straighten their hair, hold on to the handrail in transport. But true ladies certainly prefer this exquisite model.

Women’s bags with short handles are chosen by women of the older generation. But young people also need to remember that they are great for evening and festive dresses.

Hobo is a «serious» bag, it is suitable for office looks, but it will fit a little — a diary, a cosmetic bag, a wallet.

The tote bag allows you to take everything you need with you without looking like a market trader. The bag has convenient handles that allow you to carry it in your hand and hang it on your shoulder.

It is not necessary to buy a lot of bags, you can only have 2-3 models with which you will feel comfortable and attractive in any situation.