bags for teenagers

Stylish bags for teenage girls are no less important than for adult women. After all, a bag is not just a practical accessory for carrying the necessary things, it is also a reflection of the style and inner world of its owner.

Guys in this sense pay much less attention to appearance, although in adolescence, when a holistic perception of one’s own «I» is being formed, the freedom to choose style and self-expression is very important.

In this article, we will talk about backpacks and bags for teenagers.

Shoulder bag for teenagers

Youth bags for teenagers must meet, first of all, the taste of their owner. The decisive voice in choosing a bag should always be given to a teenager. Otherwise, the thing may lie untouched somewhere in the depths of the closet, «accidentally» drown or tear immediately — it depends on the courage and imagination of the child.

Bags for teenage girls should not only follow the latest fashion trends, but also the rules adopted in the class or group of her girlfriends.

All teenagers appreciate the originality and unusual style of things. In addition, adolescence is perhaps the best time for fashion experiments and the search for your own style. Teenagers can wear everything — neon colors and catchy prints, bags with unusual shapes and incredible finishes, any styles, colors and cuts.

Bags for teenage girls are often no different from «adult» fashion bags — small tote bags, soft tote bags and rectangular school bags are popular with fashionistas of all ages.

The most fashionable among teenagers are one- or two-color shoulder bags with prints or appliqués. It can be either a deliberately childish drawing or an abstraction, an ethnic pattern or an inscription.

Bags and backpacks with the symbols of popular musical groups are invariably popular.

Backpacks for teenagers

The best choice for a teenager would be a simple fabric backpack with a classic print — stripes, polka dots, small floral or abstract patterns.

Another stylish and “eternal” option is a black or brown backpack made of thick leather.

For everyone who is not afraid to be the center of attention, backpacks with a catchy finish — spikes, rivets, voluminous decor — are suitable.

Fans of boho-chic and ethnic style will love soft, colorful hippie backpacks and models decorated with fringe (for example, brown suede or fabric with an ombre effect).

Fashion school bags for teenagers

When choosing fashionable bags for teenagers, do not forget about the purpose for which the accessory is bought. After all, if an everyday bag can be absolutely any color, shape and style, then school bags cannot be so diverse.

The first thing to remember when choosing a bag is the school dress code (school uniform). Most often, the rules describing the school uniform clearly spell out the characteristics and requirements for shoes and accessories.

The inscriptions and drawings on school bags should not be rude or provocative. Otherwise, the freedom of choice of style is yours.

This year, bags of pure and bright colors, pastel shades, as well as classic colors — brown (beige), blue, white, red and black are in fashion.

It is best that the school bag is rectangular in shape and has hard inserts on the sides — this will help not to crush textbooks and notebooks.

It is also good that the handle is wide enough and does not rub the shoulder, because a student sometimes has to carry 4-6 textbooks, and this is a lot of weight in total.

You can see examples of unusual, cool bags for teenagers in the gallery below.