labbra bags

Labbra bags, a brand that is still little known in our country, are steadily gaining momentum. Excellent recommendations from all over the world, combined with the constant painstaking work of the brand’s designers, make the products attractive for everyone who wants to look at the level every day.

Differences of Labbra leather bags from products of other brands:

  1. High quality leather. It is known that now manufacturers, in order to save money, use roughly dressed or even pressed leather. Such material is operated better than leatherette, but it does not look so noble at all. Give out its low strength, lack of flexibility and softness. Labbra bags are made from only the highest quality leather.
  2. Excellent tailoring. The Italian traditions in the production of shoes and leather goods are famous all over the world. Particular attention is paid to the models of the strength of the handles, the study of the seams, the selection of materials for the lining and other important details.
  3. Rich assortment. Despite the focus of the brand’s designers on the classics, the models presented in it are completely different. Colors and shape allow you to choose a Labbra women’s bag for ladies with completely different rhythms of life, girls of different styles, tastes and priorities. Shopping bags, «mailers», with two handles or over one shoulder — each collection certainly contains several trendy models + an indispensable classic. A tribute to trends can also be given with the help of leather texture — it can be varnish, crocodile, python or classic texture.
  4. Democratic prices. As for Italian genuine leather goods, Labbra bags are very affordable. This allows you to purchase several models and change them without exposing one bag to tough everyday wear. Fashion experts have long been saying that this will not only help the hostess look fresh every day, but also greatly increase the life of the product.
  5. Functionality and thoughtfulness of models. An important point for working women is that each item has its own place in the Labbra business bag: a nail file, business cards, a diary, a pen and, of course, a mobile phone. This saves not only time for searching, but also nerves.

Where to buy Labbra leather bags?

The surest way is to go to the official boutique. If you are not afraid of fraud, then you can order the product in the online store. In this case, it is better to choose proven options by reading customer reviews in advance or (better) asking the opinions of friends.