bagel for hair

In order to style your hair beautifully and neatly, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time near the mirror. To help the girls come up with wonderful accessories, one of which is a bagel for hair.

Bagel hairpin

This hairpin is a wide voluminous elastic band, which is used to create voluminous buns. The advantages of a hair tie are that it looks discreet in the hair and fixes the hair well, helps to create the impression of thick hair, and does not require additional styling products.

A bagel for hair is the simplest device that is inexpensive. In addition, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need to take a sock, cut off its toe and roll the rest into a ring. It is important that the bagel is tight.

A purchased or home-made bagel must be of a certain size, which is determined by the length of the hair – the longer the hair, the larger the bagel.

Hairstyles with a bagel for hair

The main hairstyle with a bagel for hair is a bun. It can be high or low, neat or careless, decorated with weaves, hairpins – it depends only on your imagination. To create a hairstyle with a hair donut, you will need a comb, invisible, elastic, narrow elastic band (for some beam options), varnish or foam, all kinds of decorations – headbands, flowers, ribbons, false curls (optional).

One of the simplest beams is done like this:

  1. You need to brush your hair.
  2. Collect them in a tail at the level where the beam is supposed to be.
  3. Thread the ends of the tail into a bagel and slowly wind the strands around it. Finger movements will be similar to turning a donut inside out.
  4. When the bagel reaches the base of the tail, the strands on it are evenly distributed and the hairstyle is fixed with hairpins or invisible hairpins.

A more interesting bunch with a donut for long hair is also easy to perform:

  1. You need to brush your hair.
  2. Collect them in a ponytail with an elastic band and put a bagel on its base.
  3. Distribute the hair over the head so that the bagel is completely closed.
  4. Fix a hair bun with a donut with a thin elastic band, and lay the remaining strands around the bundle with a tourniquet or oblique.

A festive version of a hair bun with a donut will take a little longer, but the result will surely please:

  1. First of all, we comb the hair, we collect it in a ponytail, which we divide into strands – the more there are, the more intricate the hairstyle will turn out.
  2. We braid the strands into pigtails or turn them into bundles.
  3. We fix them with a donut according to one of the above schemes.

There are so many ways to tie a bagel on your hair – from the simplest to the ones that require some skill in handling hair. For example, if you are good at weaving, then you can combine a bun and a braid in your hair. They start such a hairstyle from the bottom of the back of the head with weaving any kind of braid that goes into the tail. A bun is formed from the tail using a hair roller.

Features of the choice and use of a bagel for hair

To make the hairstyle look perfect, you need to choose a bagel that matches your hair color. If you wear a bun all the time, then it is better to abandon homemade products and buy an accessory in a specialized store – such a product will hold your hair better, and besides, it is easier to use.

It is noticed that the hair fits better the next day after you wash it, although if the hair lacks volume, then a bun with a donut can be done as soon as you dry your hair with a hairdryer.

If you are the owner of curly hair, then it is recommended to straighten it before creating a hairstyle with a donut, but thick and long hair does not have to be completely hidden – you can leave curls at the back or on the sides.