Backpack with orthopedic back

For many children and their parents, September 1 is not just a calendar date and a countdown to the beginning of autumn, but also a serious stage in a child’s life – school. Along with the choice of clothes for the future student, all school supplies – notebooks, a diary, comfortable pens and pencils, paints and a pencil case, parents face the difficult question of how to choose the right backpack. A backpack for your child is not just a fashionable educational accessory, but a very important thing, the selection of which must be made, taking into account many parameters.

Orthopedic school bags

To begin with, let’s figure out what an orthopedic satchel is and why it is so important to pay attention to these parameters when choosing a satchel for a student? I want to immediately make an amendment that the meaning of the word “orthopedic” is not entirely correct to use in this phrase, since this term is more of a medical nature and requires a mandatory appointment of a doctor, based on the child’s health problems. Therefore, it is more correct to say a satchel with an anatomically correct back, although for convenience we will leave the term familiar to everyone – an orthopedic satchel.

A children’s backpack with an orthopedic back is usually a rectangular frame structure with foam inserts on the back and straps to reduce the load on the student’s back and spine. Why is it so important to pay attention to the frame structure of the backpack? The fact is that such satchels not only allow you to correctly distribute the load on the child’s fragile spine, but also, thanks to the shape of the satchel, you can always neatly fold school supplies into it, thereby helping the child quickly find the necessary things.

Orthopedic backpacks for girls do not differ in design from backpacks for boys, just pay attention to the wider straps with the obligatory presence of soft foam cushions, which serve as cushioning and softening for the child’s shoulders. And, of course, school orthopedic backpacks for girls differ only in colors and girlish drawings. Usually they are bright, pink, red or purple, with the image of fairy-tale characters. Choosing a backpack, sometimes, turns out to be a whole problem, since there is a huge selection of colors, and girls often cannot decide for a long time which one they like the most. But you and I know that you have already taken into account the main parameters for children’s orthopedic satchels, so feel free to trust the choice of your favorite backpack with a unicorn or fairy to your daughter.

German orthopedic backpacks for first graders

When buying a children’s orthopedic backpack, you should not save money, because the saying works here: “the miser pays twice.” The leaders in the market of school bags are the German brands Herlitz, Hama, Midi, Der Die Das. They combine reliable quality, ergonomic design and anatomically correct design of the back and shoulder straps. In all models of German orthopedic satchels and backpacks, a special mesh fabric is provided on the back to provide ventilation to the back. The bottom of these backpacks is made of durable plastic and has special legs to avoid contamination of the backpack on the asphalt. An important detail is the presence of reflectors on the surface of the satchel, which is a necessary condition for the safety of your child in the dark on the way home. The internal space is organized in such a way as to place objects closer to the wall, thereby correctly distributing the load on the child’s back.

Do not save on the health of your young geniuses, because a high-quality satchel will not only help you keep your posture correctly, but will also serve you for a long time.