backpack space

Backpacks “cosmos” went on sale just a few seasons ago, but have become extremely popular among both girls and guys. After all, this unusual print immediately distinguishes the owner of the backpack from the crowd and attracts everyone’s attention to him.

Youth backpacks “space”

But it is precisely the attention of others that is what young fashionistas and fashionistas want to achieve. A backpack with a similar print is one of the iconic items of the Swag fashion movement, which in English means “show off, stand out with your appearance.” Such a “space” backpack was first offered for sale by Vans, but now other designers have picked up this fashion trend and are happy to offer their interpretations of such a fashion trend. There were also other things with a similar print: skirts, leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts. However, a backpack is still the basic thing for a real modern fashionista.

It is usually made of dense natural fabric like canvas or burlap. Previously, the same drawing is applied to it, depicting the Milky Way or just a black sky strewn with stars. Typically, such a backpack has one large main compartment, as well as a fairly roomy front pocket, closed with a zipper. The cosmos pattern backpack has padded shoulder straps making it comfortable to carry even when heavily loaded. By the way, this circumstance made it extremely popular among schoolchildren and students, since all books and notebooks can easily fit into such a backpack.

Sets with a backpack “space”

How to wear a women’s space print backpack? Girls can choose from a large number of options. So, it will go well with jeans and a checkered shirt or t-shirt. Moreover, shoes do not have to be sneakers or sneakers. Thanks to its print, such a backpack will not argue in style with ballet flats or flat moccasins or slip-ons on a flat high platform. It will look good with such a backpack and leggings in combination with an elongated sweater or tunic. Just do not buy leggings with a similar pattern, remember that there should be only one item with a space theme in the kit. Similar backpacks also perfectly coexist with short knitted dresses or mini skirts in combination with T-shirts or shirts.