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The Italian company Arcadia was founded in 1975 by the Tondi brothers, who decided to expand their small family handbag business. At first they worked in a small workshop with old equipment, but business acumen, perseverance and a sense of style helped the Tondi brothers achieve incredible success in their business. Their offspring, Arcadia, has withstood fierce competition in the market and now this company is quite well-known and respected. And all thanks to the excellent quality and interesting style solutions – a combination that cannot leave any woman indifferent. But let’s take a closer look at what Arcadia bags are in order to better understand how exactly the Tondi brothers managed to conquer the world.

Arcadia Women’s Bags

Quality. In general, the company initially had certain principles that have survived to this day. One of them is that all the materials from which the bags are made are exclusively natural. The brand supports the idea that all production should be environmentally friendly, because no chemicals are used anywhere. So, when buying an Arcadia leather bag, you can be sure that you are purchasing a product made of natural, high-quality leather and fabric made from natural fibers.

Design solutions. In addition, Arcadia leather handbags have the perfect feminine style. In some ways, the brand’s products are conservative and true to classical traditions, but designers are not closed in conservatism, therefore their collections always contain some new, unusual “highlights” that bring originality to bags without violating the overall rigor and elegance of design. . Such a handbag will be an excellent acquisition for an ambitious, refined, self-confident girl who is used to being noticed.