angora hats

In the autumn-winter period, a hat is a necessity for everyone. After all, damp, cold weather, and especially strong winds, subject hair and scalp to severe stress, not to mention colds, which means it’s better to take care of your health and put on a hat. Especially now, when the choice of hats is quite large. A hat can serve not only for warmth, but also as a stylish accessory. There are a lot of models of hats in our time, but one of the most common and versatile is knitted angora hats.

Women’s angora hats

Angora is a very soft woolen fabric with a delicate pile, obtained from the hairs of angora colic. This hat is cozy and warm. It is quite capable of becoming the only one in the wardrobe, as it fits both a sheepskin coat, a fur coat and a sports down jacket.

Women’s angora hats combine many advantages: they are gentle, warm, light. A huge plus of a knitted angora hat is that when you take off such a hat, there is no red mark on your forehead, as from stiffer hats. In addition, the angora hat is one of the warmest, due to the fact that it is knitted from natural threads. And it can be removed at any time, folded, hidden in a bag or pocket, and it will not wrinkle.

Angora hat with ears

Recently, hats with ears have become very popular. Knitted angora hats are in special demand; they look very impressive on both a child and an adult girl. There are a huge number of options for ears in knitted hats. Ears can be either knitted or made of thread, and sewn to a ready-made hat in the form of buboes. The angora hat with ears is stylish, bright, eye-catching, the main thing is to make the right choice so that the image does not turn out to be funny.

Below in the gallery are some models of hats knitted from angora.