a bag with a gun

If you want to buy a stylish and unusual handbag, then you will surely like a bag with a gun. This accessory from the famous brand Vlieger & Vandam has a three-dimensional raised image of a weapon and can become a very remarkable attribute of a modern woman.

Vlieger Vandam pistol bag

Vlieger&Vandam bags are quality, luxurious accessories. Their distinguishing feature is the use of expensive materials, most often natural leather, handmade and original design. One of the company’s most famous collections is the Guardian Angel, whose items are considered a vivid symbol of the growth of violence, but they are called to fight against it. An unusual print — a pistol, a knife, handcuffs — is applied to the front side of the bag, it resembles the shape of a weapon lying inside. The cost of accessories of this brand is quite high, but this does not stop lovers of enthusiastic looks and the attention of others.

Replica pistol bag

If you cannot spend an impressive amount on an original accessory, you can buy yourself a quite decent copy, although its cost will also not fall below 3 thousand rubles. Most of the girls who choose replicas are satisfied with the purchase, it is only important that the copy is well made. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • it is desirable that the non-original bag with a pistol does not have pronounced emblems of the «left» manufacturer;
  • it is necessary that the seams are evenly made;
  • it would also be useful to compare the drawing with the branded one — it should almost completely match.

It is worth knowing that the gun bag does not «recognize» the volume, keep in mind that you can put a little in it, otherwise it will lose its attractive appearance. The bag will perfectly fit into the urban style, suitable for casual and rock styles.