Zara bags - the most fashionable and popular models from Zara

Without original accessories, any well-thought-out look is impersonal and boring. The well-known Spanish brand of stylish youth clothing Zara is well aware of this. Zara bags are a great chance to stand out on the colorful streets of a big city.

Women’s bags Zara

The brand, which offers girls extraordinary outfits for everyday and formal bows, is famous for its careful consideration of details. Diverse, but equally interesting, Zara bags are universal: they can be used by both young ladies and mature ladies. Affordable prices, high-quality materials are tangible advantages of the famous manufacturer.

But the fair sex appreciates the main qualities of Zara products – originality and creativity:

  1. Designers use both classic tones and a bright palette of colors.
  2. Following the latest trends, Zara brand bags are often decorated with colorful prints, appliqués, rhinestones.
  3. The accessories of the Spanish brand are characterized by clear lines, functionality and elegance, even if they are sport-chic products.
  4. The range of materials is rich: in addition to leather, textiles, rods, artificial fur, metal mesh, eco-leather, and so on are used.

women's bags zarazara bags

Zara round bag

A great alternative to the traditional rectangular accessory is the stylish Zara round bag. Round models are a fashion trend of the previous and current seasons. The configuration, unusual for modern fashionistas, quickly gained immense popularity, which is well known to the designers of the Spanish brand:

  1. The laconic models are presented in black and decorated with a tassel/3D appliqué in the form of buds, ideal as an accessory for a little black dress.
  2. Another chic product is a catchy bright red model, decorated with golden fittings. Shoulder strap and handle make it easy to carry.
  3. Your image will be enlivened by a feminine model in a beige tone, decorated with delicate floral embroidery in red and pink tones. Also included is an adjustable shoulder strap.

zara round bag  zara round bag

Belt bag Zara

Sportswear has recently been reimagined by designers and has become part of the urban style. Together with her, more fashionable waist bags came to the casual look, which are convenient in daily use, as they free up the hands and shoulder. The Zara collection includes a variety of products:

  1. An interesting model in the form of an envelope in various colors, it can be worn with dresses and jeans.
  2. With trousers, a pastel-colored Zara belt bag made of waterproof textiles, decorated with a patch pocket and a large zipper, is good.
  3. The fashion trend of the cold period – fur accessories – is reflected in an ergonomically shaped black belt bag.
  4. No less spectacular is the Zara belt bag, dark blue, rectangular in shape with two patch pockets.

zara belt bagzara belt bag

Shopping bag Zara

If the waist model is ideal for leisurely walks, then in daily bows it is difficult to do without such a variety as a shopper. Originally created as a three-dimensional model for shopping, this type of accessory will allow you to be ready for various surprises and to carry all the necessary things. Yes, and the shopper looks unusually stylish, ideally suited to almost any style.

Full of clear geometric lines, the Zara shopper bag is often complemented by an organizer wallet and has a minimalist design. One of the latest ideas is Zara double-sided shopper bags: on the one hand they are black with honeycomb embossing, and on the other, with feminine red polka dots. Attention is paid to models of the original form, decorated with spikes and large metal zippers.

shopper bag zara  zara shopper bag

Bucket bag Zara

The bag model is an interesting variation that can easily fit a considerable amount of your things, but at the same time it is difficult to find a small object in it. The collection of Zara bags includes worthy representatives:

  1. Nearly every product is equipped with a drawstring for tightening the top, a handle and an adjustable shoulder strap.
  2. Decorative contrasting stitching, tassels, beautiful metal fittings, combined materials, streamlined shape – all this combines to form an attractive accessory.
  3. The variety of colors makes the bag-bag a versatile option.

bag bag zara

Zara bag with embroidery

Brand designers have provided for any needs of fashionistas for changes and transformations, including in their collection a good range of accessories for fans of ethnic style and fashionable boho looks. Fascinating embroidery on a black background in bright colors depicts topical floral motifs, freedom-loving birds, warm hearts and inspiring inscriptions.

The brilliance of products is enhanced by a bright handle, sparkling shine of beads, metal decorative elements, including a chain belt, fasteners, and rivets. The material is varied, more often the Zara leather bag is decorated with embroidery, although there are attractive models made of textiles or suede. A considerable range of forms: a briefcase, a clutch, an envelope will become an enchanting completion of your fashionable image.

zara bag with embroidery  zara leather bag

Quilted bag Zara

Finishing in the form of quilted stitches is another fashion trend that the designers of the Spanish brand have not ignored, showing the brand’s fans a stylish variety:

  1. Laconicism captivates a small rectangular model with rounded corners and lightning almost along the entire perimeter.
  2. Two-tone Zara bags look original, their flap is decorated with quilted diagonal seams.
  3. Your bow will be decorated with a colorful roomy textile shopper.
  4. Add a touch of sophistication to your holiday look with a deep blue mini bag and chains.

  Zara quilted bagwomen's bags zara

Zara suede bag

The soft velvet structure of suede looks noble, status and elegant, which the designers of the leading Spanish brand are well aware of. They offer to replenish the collection of any fashionista with a fashionable and stylish suede accessory:

  1. This sophisticated model is rendered in bold blue-green tones and has a raised front trim. There is an option in silver.
  2. Another suede model is also decorated with voluminous details with stitching. The black Zara bag has a highlight in the form of a rectangular metal clasp and an adjustable strap, consisting of half a chain and suede.
  3. For romantic images, Zara suede bags in the form of a trapezoidal braid in a beautiful powdery color are ideal.
  4. An extraordinary shopper in black is equipped with an original handle made of large metal beads.

zara suede bagblack bag zara

Clutch bag Zara

While bulky bags and shopping bags are functional for everyday looks, the evening look places serious demands on the attributes. A small elegant envelope bag that easily fits in the hand of the fair sex is considered ideal. Zara bags in the form of a clutch have a wide variety of shapes, but always have an unsurpassed style:

  1. An interesting faux fur model in pink is in demand.
  2. An exquisite rectangular piece with sharp corners, decorated with a geometric print and mother-of-pearl shine, will harmoniously fit into a solemn look.
  3. A clutch bag embroidered with beads and sequins, decorated with a floral print or fuchsia stripes has a similar effect.
  4. Laconic leather bag Zara in bronze tone is a real find for club sets.

clutch bag zaraZara leather bag

Backpack bag Zara

In the collection of the manufacturer, there was a worthy place for trendy backpacks – a good and comfortable alternative to the usual bags. For the cold period, non-trivial faux fur backpacks are good, for example, a white model with contrasting black details – a handle, a clasp, an assembly. Of interest is a delicate Zara backpack made of pink straight-haired fur. Models of various tones and shapes are made of artificial leather – rectangular, round, oval, in the form of a bag.

bag backpack zarabag backpack zara