yellow raincoat

When it’s pouring rain, there’s nothing better than wearing a yellow raincoat. This practical thing will save you from cold drops that are trying to crawl behind the collar. She will also highlight its owner from the crowd, because it will be a bright and unusual color.

Women’s yellow raincoat

The raincoat has been relevant for urban fashion for many decades. Long gone are the days when products were produced more like a shapeless cloak of an incomprehensible shade. Now this accessory contributes to the creation of a stylish autumn look. Over time, new ways have emerged to improve the raincoat, making the clothing comfortable and completely waterproof.

Thanks to its weightless weight, this piece of clothing can always be at hand. You can not be afraid that a sudden downpour will not take you by surprise.

Recommendations for choosing a yellow raincoat are as follows:

  • selection of a model, since the product can be of different styles. Usually, stores sell models of a straight or trapezoidal cut, with an obligatory hood, and a free silhouette. Raincoats of this model go well with many outfits;
  • a quality raincoat has properties such as water resistance and tightness. But he must “breathe” and bring the body’s fumes out, while not allowing moisture to get inside;
  • many manufacturers resort to the technology of taped seams to improve the quality of the product. It is also recommended to pay attention to their presence when purchasing.

What to wear with a yellow raincoat?

As a rule, a raincoat is worn in early autumn or late spring, when the weather is damp and cloudy. Therefore, it is used as outerwear.

When creating an actual image, it is important not to overdo it. This is an informal type of clothing, so you should not combine it with a business suit. A casual style is much more suitable for a raincoat.

Creating a stylish image largely depends on the shape of the product. One goes well with a skirt and sneakers, the other is relevant with high boots. Jeans are universal clothing that will suit any model of a yellow raincoat.

As for the color scheme, it will look best with clothes and shoes in black, blue and brown.