hat with ear flaps

The hat with earflaps has long been considered the Russian national headdress. This accessory is indispensable in the winter cold, it perfectly insulates not only the head, but also the ears, and even the neck. The largest design houses decided to combine the practicality of this headdress with bright and original details, resulting in a spectacular and warm item.

Women’s hat with earflaps

In the modern fashion market, women’s winter hats with earflaps are presented in all their variety:

  • knitted;
  • fur;
  • laconic sports models.

Among such an abundance, even the most demanding fashionista will make her choice. A hat with earflaps is a transformable wardrobe item, the “ears” of this headdress, depending on the length, can be tied under the chin or simply lowered down. This outfit will appeal to bold and original personalities.

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Knitted hat with earflaps

Women’s knitted hat with earflaps is associated with a vintage element of the wardrobe. Designers are happy to use this move, making things in a slightly careless large knit with cozy ornaments or a melange mixture of threads. It would be best if the knitted earflap is made entirely of natural wool. Such a headdress is often preferred by young girls with a light and cheerful character. Certain variations are possible in the manufacture of the product:

  • «ears» can be very short, slightly covering the temples and ears, or extremely long, below the level of the chin;
  • long elements are decorated with ties, decorative buttons, fasteners or pompoms.

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Leather hat with earflaps

Women choose such a style as a leather hat with fur earflaps, due to the fact that it can be easily combined with almost any outerwear. A combination is possible even with classic wardrobe elements, if you complement the ensemble with an original voluminous scarf. In addition, the product with fur «ears» and the front is the warmest model of a number of similar ones. There are such variations:

  • fox fur, mink or silver fox fur is used;
  • there are alternative models made of artificial leather and faux fur;
  • The «ears» are generally always long enough to be easily fastened under the chin or fastened at the top of the cap.

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Sports hat with earflaps

Women’s knitted earflaps can be made in a sporty style. Such products are preferred by lovers of active winter recreation or skiing. The characteristic features of the hats are:

  • excellent heat-saving properties;
  • made of special fabric with water-repellent effect;
  • the inside is stitched with fleece, knitted material or artificial fur;
  • under the chin, the female earflap is fastened with a convenient clasp to prevent unfastening;
  • «Ears» can also be attached to the back of the head;
  • colors can be any, from the brightest and juiciest to military;
  • the main fabric perfectly passes air, does not create a greenhouse effect and at the same time retains heat.

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Cap with earflaps

Fashionable hats with earflaps made in the form of a cap are an extremely original model. They look like tight-fitting jockey hats, less often — loose models sewn from wedges. They are made of dense woolen material, tweed, cashmere. This style can be attributed to the models of men’s hats in England at the beginning of the last century. The “ears” of such caps are small, lifting and fastening from the inside of the headgear. During strong winds, they can be lowered down so that they cover the temples and ears.

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Women’s fur hat with earflaps

A fur hat with earflaps can not only provide comfort and warmth, but also make the image incredibly stylish and memorable. It can act as the main accent if combined with a simple down jacket or jacket, or become a harmonious addition — if combined with a fur coat or sheepskin coat. A variety of types of furs will provide an opportunity to choose a product that best meets the individual needs of one or another representative of the fair sex.

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Women’s mink hat with earflaps

Mink fur is associated with chic and luxury, and a hat with earflaps is no exception in this regard. It is difficult for many of the fair sex to choose a hat, and they prefer to choose fur coats with a hood. But for those models of outerwear that do not have this detail, a women’s mink hat with earflaps will be a great solution. It can be combined with a leather upper. Products have the following advantages:

  • excellent heat-saving properties;
  • moisture resistance;
  • smooth, shiny fur structure;
  • spectacular appearance;
  • long service life;
  • a variety of colors, each girl can choose the shade that best suits her face.

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Sheepskin hat with earflaps

Women’s hats with earflaps made of natural fur are presented for every taste and budget. Sheepskin products — fur coats, sheepskin coats and hats, are traditionally considered more affordable in the price category. But at the same time they have undeniable advantages, which include:

  • the ability to perfectly retain heat;
  • soft and pleasant to the touch structure;
  • variety of colors;
  • the ability to complement winter outfits for ladies of all ages;
  • special processing technology, due to which an absolutely flat surface is achieved;
  • trim from other types of fur may be present, which provides additional attractiveness;
  • the presence of size stabilizers, which allow you to adjust the thing exactly with the size of the head;
  • long period of operation.

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Cap with earflaps made of silver fox

A women’s hat with earflaps made of silver fox will be a welcome purchase for any woman, because it is able to give an image of incredible luxury and at the same time keep warm and comfortable in a harsh winter. Silver fox fur is considered prestigious and is especially appreciated by fashionistas and couturiers. As for the color scheme of the silver fox, it can be conditionally divided into the following areas, depending on which shade will prevail:

  • silver;
  • black;
  • silver-black, which is valued the most.

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Cap with earflaps made of polar fox

Women’s fur earflaps made of arctic fox are extremely valued, at one time it was noted by the famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor, and since then it has not left the fashion stage, many famous designers use it in their collections. The popularity of products is due to such characteristics:

  • thick fluffy fur used for making;
  • durability — a blue fox headdress will last and not lose its attractive appearance for 12 seasons, and from white — 8-9;
  • practicality;
  • unpretentiousness in care;
  • versatility, suitable for almost any outerwear.

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Ushanka from sable

A women’s hat with earflaps with sable fur can be safely ranked among the elite items that any woman would like to have in her wardrobe. Sable rightfully deserved the title of the king of furs, the most expensive and valuable in the world. This is due to the following properties:

  • material can be obtained exclusively from animals that grew up in free conditions, it is impossible to breed them in captivity, this explains the high cost of things;
  • a magnificent color that can be obtained from individuals of any age, older ones will have more gray hairs;
  • practicality — the wear rate is up to 95%;
  • long wearing period — more than 10 years;
  • a variety of color palette — from light sand to the darkest and most expensive — almost like resin.

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What to wear with a women’s hat with earflaps?

Earflaps are chosen by original, bold personalities and those who care about warmth and comfort in the winter cold. If we consider the question of what to wear with earflaps, then we can conclude that it is combined with almost all types of outerwear. There are such combinations:

  1. Fur earflaps can be easily worn with a fur coat, down jacket or sheepskin coat.
  2. Caps are suitable for leather jackets, woolen coats or thin short sheepskin coats.
  3. Sports are recommended to be worn with ski or sportswear or with a down jacket.
  4. Knitted look great with suede items, both clothes and shoes, they are most harmoniously combined with sports or casual jackets.
  5. A fur hat with earflaps and a vest made of the same type of fur are the perfect combination.
  6. Products made of silver fox are perfectly combined with leather, military-style clothing.
  7. A white hat with earflaps is best combined with an outfit that contains elements of white.

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