Women's caps - fashionable hats for stylish girls

Women’s caps are one of the most controversial types of headwear, which in the vast majority of cases is chosen by young girls who prefer a sporty and casual style. Meanwhile, older women of fashion can also wear this little thing, however, in this case, the choice of the remaining components of the image will have to be approached very responsibly.

Women’s caps 2017

Like all other wardrobe items of the fair sex, women’s caps are subject to current fashion trends that change markedly with each season. This year, trends will help every fashionista look stylish, sporty and modern, and their wide variety will allow all ladies to choose the right option for themselves. The most fashionable caps of 2017 are presented in the following styles:

  • leather products in classic colors and unusual shades, such as mustard, gray, purple, and so on;

women's caps 2017

  • plaid caps made entirely of checkered fabric or using other materials;
  • bowler hats;
  • retro caps with a high crown and a narrow visor;
  • military-style caps;
  • women’s knitted caps made by hand or in an enterprise;

fashion caps 2017

  • summer baseball caps with hard visor.

Fashionable women’s caps

Caps 2017 can have many different styles and variations. Meanwhile, there are other types of these hats that are not at the top of popularity this season, however, are favorite items for some of the fair sex. Fashionable caps for women are presented by manufacturers in the widest range, so choosing the right option for yourself will not be difficult for anyone.

fashion women's caps

Fashionable women’s caps

fashion caps for women

Women’s leather cap

Caps for women made of natural or artificial leather are extremely popular with young girls and beautiful older ladies. Today they can have a wide variety of shapes and colors, but the most popular are three-piece caps, raglan, five-piece caps and “confederate caps”. All these types look stylish and original, so they can be a bright addition to a fashionable outfit.

Women’s leather caps retain heat well and do not allow their owner’s head to freeze, so they are worn in the autumn-spring period in combination with outerwear. At the same time, this type of headdress looks good both with a classic coat and with a youth leather jacket. In addition, such products perfectly complement the combined wardrobe items made from leather and inserts from other materials.

women's leather cap

Women’s leather cap

caps for women

Women’s caps with a straight visor

Stylish caps for girls with a straight visor are the most common option that can complement a fashionable look for any weather conditions. So, in warm spring and hot summer, the fair sex can wear women’s caps with a straight visor made of cotton or denim, and in the cool season, models made of tweed or felt. For a cold winter, a warm product with natural fur is ideal.

women's flat visor caps

Variants with a straight visor have the following features:

  • such models can be five-wedge and six-wedge. The latter are more comfortable because they fit better on the head, however, they have a noticeable seam in the front, which can be very conspicuous. In addition, because of this feature, not all drawings can be applied to such a headdress;
  • such a product should fit snugly to the head, otherwise a strong wind will blow it away. To avoid this, you should be very responsible in choosing the size;
  • models made from natural materials are very useful for the scalp and curls. Meanwhile, they quickly lose their appearance, because they crumple and, in addition, often shrink when washed. Products from combined raw materials will help to solve this problem;
  • if the headgear is supposed to be worn in hot summers, models with a moisture-wicking lining and eyelets, small holes located on each wedge, should be preferred.

stylish caps for girls

Women’s gavroche cap

Incredibly comfortable and functional, the gavroche cap has become a true legend of street style over the years. It has a small visor and a voluminous top, which makes this little thing recognizable and memorable. This type of headdress can have different colors and stylistic designs, but the most popular are black caps for girls, suitable for almost all wardrobe items.

The gavroche cap takes the shape of the head and sits very tightly on it even when the skull has an irregular shape. At the same time, it does not spoil the hairstyle and retains styling in windy weather. These features distinguish the female version of gavroche from other types of similar headdresses and make it the most preferable for the fair sex of different ages and social status.

women's gavroche cap

Women’s gavroche cap

black caps for girls

Denim women’s caps

Women’s summer denim caps are an excellent choice for walking and outdoor activities. They pair very well with denim skirts, shorts, dresses and traditional jeans. Meanwhile, this does not mean at all that all the components of the image of a girl when choosing such a headdress should be made of denim. On the contrary, a cotton or linen shirt is perfect for such an ensemble.

Although women’s denim caps can decorate not only a sporty look, but also a casual and even romantic look, they should not be combined with high-heeled shoes. In this case, the resulting image will look sloppy and tasteless, so it’s more correct to give preference to comfortable ballet flats, sneakers, moccasins, loafers or sneakers.

denim women's caps

Denim women’s caps

women's summer caps

Knitted women’s caps

This type of headdress can be knitted independently and at the same time not to worry about the possibility of meeting another fashionista in exactly the same model. For this, yarn of various thicknesses, as well as knitting needles or a hook, can be used. A women’s knitted cap with a visor requires certain skills and abilities, so not every needlewoman can make it. Meanwhile, with a little effort, every woman can cope with this task.

knitted women's caps

Knitted women’s caps

women's knitted cap with a visor

Women’s cap with ears

Beautiful women’s caps, decorated with small ears, give the image of playfulness and flirtatiousness. On the fair sex of older age, they may look ridiculous, so it is better for them to give their preference to other models. Young women of fashion, on the contrary, can safely put on such a headdress and combine it with youth jeans, printed T-shirts, light shorts and other wardrobe items. In the cool season, it is right to combine it with cropped jackets and cozy down jackets.

women's cap with ears

Women’s cap with ears

beautiful women's caps

Bully cap

Women’s stylish hooligan caps look stylish, positive and youthful. Meanwhile, they can be worn not only by young fashionistas, but also by elegant ladies of an older age. Such a headdress will perfectly complement a business suit, a classic coat and other wardrobe items that have a discreet and concise appearance. At the same time, it is perfectly combined with traditional jeans and youth sports sweaters.

Due to its practicality and versatility, the bully cap is extremely popular among the fair sex. According to fashion stylists, this little thing belongs to the unisex category, so girls with any facial features can wear it. This type of headdress acquires the greatest relevance in the demi-season period of the year, since it warms well and retains heat.

cap bully

Bully cap

women's stylish caps

Felt women’s cap

Fashionable caps for girls made of felt can make any look easy and casual. Due to the high quality of the material, these hats are the strongest and most durable, so they can withstand up to 5 seasons. Felt models perfectly protect the head from cold and precipitation, so they are especially popular in the cool season. In addition, this option is suitable for most items of women’s wardrobe.

felt women's cap

Felt women’s cap

fashion caps for girls

What to wear a cap for a girl?

Such a headdress can complement any image, with the exception of business and evening. Meanwhile, if a fashionista likes to shock the audience, she can wear this product complete with a formal outfit. A white and black women’s cap are the perfect complements to your everyday look. These items, made in a universal color scheme, are amazingly combined with any trousers, skirts and sweaters.

how to wear a cap for a girl

Stylish bows with a cap

black women's cap

Images with a cap for girls

With the help of a stylish headdress, you can create a lot of interesting images. Women’s white cap goes especially well with other things, which is perfect for summer outfits. So, with the help of this item, you can make the following win-win ensembles:

  • a romantic look for a starlet who wants to look attractive can be made up with a miniskirt or dress, complemented by a denim headdress decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, print or appliqué;
  • a summer walking suit will complement a white women’s cap, which, if desired, can be worn with a visor back;
  • a set of jeans and a comfortable T-shirt can be diluted with a traditional baseball cap;
  • a demi-season look based on a classic coat, sheepskin coat or raincoat will complement a tweed or felt cap;
  • a fashionable look, consisting of a light chiffon dress and comfortable flat shoes, is surprisingly combined with a knitted headdress with a small visor or a flirty little thing with small ears.

images with a cap for girls

Images with a cap for girls

white cap women