women's umbrella cane

A cane umbrella for women can be a stylish addition to your look. In addition, the cane umbrella has the qualities that help the owner of such an accessory feel secure.

What are cane umbrellas?

An umbrella cane is increasingly seen today in the hands of fashionistas on a bad day. Some time ago, mini-umbrellas that folded in two or even several times were more popular, but practical cane umbrellas won their place in the sun. Girls appreciated their attractive appearance, practicality.

Heavy steel cane umbrellas are a thing of the past. They were replaced by lighter versions made of aluminum and fiberglass. Even a very strong wind is now not afraid of such an accessory and its owner.

There are also no complaints about the color scheme of modern cane umbrellas — it is very wide:

  • looks elegant white umbrella-cane;
  • looks elegant black umbrella-cane;
  • a yellow cane umbrella can become a joyful and life-affirming option;
  • girls who have a riot of colors in their wardrobe may prefer a rainbow cane umbrella — such an umbrella is perfect for almost any outfit, while it will look bright;
  • neutral, fashionable and unusually beautiful is a transparent cane umbrella — raindrops are visible through it, in addition, it does not draw attention to itself in terms of color.

Benefits of a cane umbrella

A cane umbrella has many positive characteristics:

  • this type of umbrella has the simplest design, due to which it is strong and, as a rule, durable;
  • the cane umbrella does not have joints on the spokes, unlike folding umbrellas, which makes it more rigid, rounded;
  • A cane umbrella protects against rain better than a folding model — firstly, it is larger than many folding counterparts, and secondly, thanks to the shape of the dome of such an umbrella, drops roll off it faster, by the way, this feature allows it to dry faster.

How to choose an umbrella-cane?

A good cane umbrella will last you more than one season, perhaps more than one year. It is only necessary to approach his choice with all care:

  1. Even a large cane umbrella does not have to be heavy — there are many wonderful umbrellas currently being produced from modern materials. Ask the seller what the frame is made of. The best umbrellas are made of titanium-coated stainless steel and carbon fiber, but such an umbrella can be quite expensive. Worthy and inexpensive umbrellas are made of aluminum and fiberglass.
  2. At the time of purchase, make sure that the fabric is well stretched on the knitting needles. Seeing only the threads, refuse to buy, choose the umbrella in which such mounts are covered with special caps.
  3. The material of the dome is very important. You can give preference to pongee — a fabric similar to raincoat fabric. On the pongee dome, water does not linger, it turns into droplets and rolls off, leaving the surface dry. Teflon-impregnated fabric has the same qualities, but, unlike pongee, it is also softer and thinner. Used for the manufacture of canopy umbrellas and polyester — this fabric is also quite good and quite affordable.
  4. For some, the handle is important in an umbrella — it can be wooden or plastic — when choosing, only the opinion of the future owner is important. The same item of choice includes the presence or absence of a cover for an umbrella-cane. The cover, on the one hand, is very useful when you carry an umbrella closed, but on the other hand, it is not essential, because such a model can also be carried by the handle.

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