wolka headwear

The idea of ​​creating original accessories very often arises almost from scratch. This happened with the Wolka headwear, which was designed by actress Ekaterina Volkova. Although the star created her own brand recently, today “wolves” are extremely popular and often become the subject of choice for both young girls and older women.

The history of the creation of the Wolka brand

Once, about two years ago, the famous performer of the main and secondary roles in films and TV shows, Ekaterina Volkova, at the request of her mother, unfastened the hood of her coat and decided to try it on as an independent headdress. Looking in the mirror, the celebrity slightly tweaked the resulting cap, and she automatically had the idea of ​​​​creating a new accessory. The hood was especially liked by the little daughter of Catherine, who quickly ran up to her mother and began to ask to give her exactly the same little thing.

At that time, the theater and film actress practically did not know how to do anything with her own hands and, in particular, did not have the skills of cutting and sewing. That is why Catherine turned to famous designers for help, however, by coincidence, no one could help out the star. For this reason, the actress herself mastered the profession of a designer and after a while founded the Wolka brand. The headdress itself received the same name.

Wolka designer hoods

Wolka hoods, created by Ekaterina Volkova, are intended for adults and children. In addition, some models are universal and, according to the designer, they can be worn not only by women, but also by men. To date, the brand line includes 4 collections:

  • designer headwear Wolka from the collection “Lace» are intended for festive events, which are mainly organized in the summer season. They have the highest cost, since only natural, high-quality and expensive materials are used for their manufacture. Lace models are made in universal colors – black, white or gray;
  • handkerchiefs Wolka, included in the line Casual, have an incredibly striking design. Each model from this collection is decorated with an original print, among which you can find the familiar polka dot pattern, floral motifs, geographical prints and much more. Each Wolka hood belonging to this trend is ideal for everyday wear and can be combined with both elegant coats and youth jackets;
  • collection “gold autumn” is designed specifically for this time of year. Models from this series, decorated with romantic prints, perfectly match with feminine looks based on floor-length skirts and dresses, elegant coats and fur coats and other similar items of clothing, as well as complemented by high-heeled shoes;
  • finally, the collectionSport” is the most conservative. It includes fleece beanies that are surprisingly well suited to warm down jackets and demi-season jackets. It is in this collection that you can find several unisex models. In particular, both women and men are happy to wear “Gothic” or “Mother Russia” hoods.

Each Wolka hat is decorated with an original button with a well-known element of the shadow theater – the figure of a wolf displayed on the wall. The concept of this piece of jewelry is unique, and it is itself produced in a jewelry factory.

Among the wide variety of such hoods, you can choose an exclusive option for a festive event, everyday wear or a certain outfit.